Giving Tuesday

Where to Give for #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday

Hello readers, are you finishing your leftovers?

According to, a team at the Belfer Center in New York began celebrating the day in 2012 to start a charitable mindset for the winter holiday season. Not only is the date the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving, but it also follows the massively consumer-y “holidays” of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you happen to find yourselves with a little extra, I hope you participate! Here are some organizations that have caught my eye and a few I’ll be donating to myself.

California Wildfires

Hundreds of thousands have been impacted by deadly wildfires in California as many have been told to evacuate. Terrifying videos and pictures have shown just how massive and devastating they are. Thankfully, recents rains have helped contain them, but survivors will need a lot of assistance.

Please consider organizations other than the Red Cross & Salvation Army as they’ve a history of mismanagement and anti-LGBT practice.

Hurricane Michael

It seems like it was a year ago to me, but just because it’s not on tv doesn’t mean everything’s been resolved. The category 4 storm hit the Florida panhandle with winds over 100mph last month, wiping out many homes in Mexico Beach.


With all of these disasters exacerbated by climate change, one might want their focus their energy on protecting the environment. Especially considering how we only have like what, 20 years left on this planet?

If you’re also into taking down the big businesses (including war hawks) making profit off of knowingly destroying the Earth and its inhabitants, might I suggest an peace groups like Win Without War or World Beyond War? Or a political group like the Democratic Socialists, the Party for Socialism & Liberation?

Native Americans

It’s fucked up that the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving after nearly committing genocide and continue to disenfranchise Native Americans by desecrating burial grounds to, once again, make money for oil pipes and preventing them from voting. Efforts to help indigenous peoples will also help the planet! 

Trans Health

November 20th is Trans Day of Remembrance to honor those killed by the disproportionate violence cis people inflict. The week leading up to it is also Transgender Awareness Week, meant to encourage enlightenment about trans people and issues they face.

Migrant Caravan

The US shot fucking tear gas at children. What else is there to say? 



I just finished Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura’s Letters from Diaspora and pretty much cried about every letter. She’s been tweeting her experience with cancer. Donate to her GoFundMe here.

I just like Fray’s arts {doubles as supporting a trans artist!}.

Please do not feel bad if you can’t give financially to all or even any charity you wish. Do you think that if I had money, I wouldn’t have a DSLR and drive around taking candids and not have only 100 followers? There is other ways of helping such as volunteering, obviously, and getting the word out. I know that Amazon is evil, but if it is a necessary evil, some organizations like the Native American Rights Fund use the Smile program that donate a bit of your purchase. Giving in the name of someone else also makes a great gift for them!

Gifts for Harry Potter Fans That Aren’t HP Merch

Wingardium leviosa readers, are you still a Potterhead?

I was a hipster child and had always been reading, so when everyone and the news busted a nut about how J.K. Rowling got kids to actually read, I was like: “Hello? I’ve been reading about sharks and dinosaurs, and y’all are queueing up at midnight for some dictionary books? Nerds.” When the last movies were coming out, I figured I might as well try it, so I’ve actually seen all of them and read 3 or 4 of the books.

I gotta say, I stand by my 8 year old self. No foul to fans– my closest friends love it– but there’s other stuff out there! Not only do I get a little tired of watching the films at gatherings, but I also don’t want to keep relying on Harry Potter merchandise as gifts. I’m sure they’d like Dobby socks or handcrafted wands, but 1) they already have tons of HP stuff and 2) it can be difficult to know what all that stuff is. Are you in a similar position? That’s why I’m going window shopping, thinking about what else I think Harry Potter fans would like based on my Potterhead friends.

This post contains affiliate links.


T. Swift, Game of Thrones, the Black Panthers, The Fault in Our Stars

Media Gift Ideas
T. Swift Record | Fault Stars DVD | Power to the People post | SoIF collection

If someone was a fan of the magic and fantasy of HP, perhaps they would like the equally vast world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire series, popularized through HBO’s Game of Thrones tv show. Or perhaps another popular young adult author like John Green. 

Dog Stuff

Harry Potter Dog Gifts
Reusable Bag | Hearts Socks | Santa Tie | Retriever Ornament

Cats might be a familiar pet within witchy tales, but 75% of Harry Potter fans that I know have dogs (3 out of 4 is still 75% 😜)! Cute accessories are a great stocking stocker. Or if you’ve a dog and are more comfortable buying for them, a treat for man’s best friend might be acceptable.

Instant Camera

Harry Potter Polaroid Ideas
Fujifilm Instax | Polaroid Gradient Frames | Instax Case

If your budget is on the higher end, an instant camera is a fun idea for anyone! I’ve really no HP connection other than my fan friends have them. But if a camera is pricey or they already own one, maybe you can slip some mystical aspect with themed film frames. Cases are so practical, and this one makes it look like you’re going on some kind of epic adventure.

Arts & Crafts

Arts Crafts Ideas
Scrapbook Page Kit | Cross Stitch Kit | Emergency Color Kit

Are Hufflepuffs supposed to be artsy-fartsy? I believe my friends are both. One is a painter and another is getting into cross stitching. I’ve no idea if people are still doing it, but for a hot second I thought I saw people doing dollhouse furniture kits like it was the next adult coloring book. Are they still doing it? If not, there’s all sorts of other model kits out there!

(Fantastical) Home Goods

Home Goods
Coconut Tea | Unicorn Mold | Feather Pen | Star String Lights

I don’t think that any of us are sous-chefs by any means, but we sure do like dreaming about Instagram-worthy rooms. A canister of tea or a strand of lights may easily fit the aesthetic, but it’s the Harry Potter pillow or Lord of the Rings welcome mat that inject personality and make a house a home.

Hopefully I don’t come off as some kind of miser that thinks you kids are going to hell for practicing witchcraft!! If someone really wants a Harry Potter thing, by all means! … if they are a child, lol. As I said, this is just for inspo and when both parties have already bought a lot of HP stuff. What do you think of combining ideas like a HP color-by-number?

Monthly Wrapup Pin

October 2018 Wrap-Up

How’s it going ghouls and goblins? I’m a little bit late with last month’s wrap-up because of Halloween, figuring out who to vote for, and having visitors. Oh, and me and my friends also had a little mini-road trip! Would you count an hour as a road trip? I can’t drive, so I do. 😅 





Readers, it is still HOT here… I guess we don’t get winter anymore. Remind me to post about that. For now, what are some gift suggestions for someone that already has about 10 of everything? It’s their birthday this month, so I have to get them something for Christmas too…

Drugstore Foundation Comparison

Hello readers, brushed away that candy sugar?

To be honest, I don’t use makeup as artistic expression or whatever.  I’d elaborate, but let’s just say it’s a chore and that it’s easier for me to slather the paste on than deal with the shame, disgust, and depression I’d have to deal with if I didn’t. Since I didn’t really care about it, I didn’t really know about it, and that’s part of why I started this blog: perhaps I take some of the hassle out of it by finding what products work for me.

I just wanted to say this in case this post or if I ever start to look like other bloggers that can acquire bunches of stuff for fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with feeling like you’re pressured and that it’s not fun. A lot of money is pumped into making us feel inadequate, and it works! I wish I could tell you to make a mood board or something, but just know you’re not alone. And if you ever need to yell on Twitter, my handle is @_hariharian! 💕 

Drugstore Foundations Links
Affiliate links
Rimmel Ivory | Rimmel Soft Beige | Wet n Wild Soft Beige | e.l.f. Flawless Foundation

On to the content™! Today I’ll be comparing 3 brands of drugstore foundation I’ve accumulated: Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse, Wet n Wild Photofocus, and e.l.f.’s Moisturizing Stick. I’ve actually two shades of Rimmel’s, 100 Ivory and 200 Soft Beige.

Rimmel Stay Matte 100 Ivory

Rimmel 100 Ivory
Applied & blended in indoor light

A 100 to 200 shade difference may seem wide, but I had Soft Beige first, and it wasn’t perfect. And don’t you think from this swatch, Ivory may have worked? I think that I went with it because I was looking at other people’s swatches and actually trying to determine undertones, but these two colors (if not all Rimmel?) are all for cool tones. And this was way too light for me.

Rimmel Stay Matte 200 Soft Beige

Rimmel Stay Matte Soft Beige
Applied indoor light | Blended in natural light

Soft Beige may be a more appropriate shade for my face, but as shown with the blended swatch on the right, it becomes quite orange, so I thought it wasn’t the right one for me. Formula-wise, it’s a thicker mousse which is why I like it. It can be great for problem areas (maybe not dry spots) but hard to blend. It doesn’t feel heavy to wear, but I use my hands to apply, and it’s not the easiest to wash off!

Wet n Wild Photofocus Soft Beige

Wet n Wild Photofocus Soft Beige
Applied, blended in indoor and natural light

A CVS gift card led to this, and I liked the packaging when I first got it. However, I don’t really like the little spatula built into the lid. I felt like if I used it, it’d be getting all the oils from my face into the bottle. This is a sheer liquid and reminded me of a more affordable version of the L’Oreal foundation. Again, it seemed like a good shade but I guess oxidation makes it more orange. I didn’t really test the “flashback” this line was supposed to address, but it did seem to run out quickly. Also, it smells like paint.

e.l.f. Moisturizing Stick in Nude

e.l.f. moisturizing stick in nude
Natural light

I hadn’t used a Wet n Wild or e.l.f. foundation before, so I’m happy they weren’t utter failures. I actually love this stick because it’s portable and pretty easy to apply and blend. And layers well! I know that with other foundations, if you just want a little dab on a problem spot, it just becomes darker, but this is buildable. I don’t think it prevents shine as well as other foundations, but I think it’s my closest match. So I’m sad that it seems they don’t make it anymore! 

I don’t know if I’d try one of e.l.f.’s other foundations because Rimmel and Wet n Wild are cheaper. BUT I should probably spend a little more if it a better match, right? 😅 In writing this, I finally wondered if there’s something I could do for oxidation and wouldn’t you know? There is! Someone suggested primer. What do you think? Have you tried something like an undertone adjustor?

I do know that makeup may be self expression for some people, but regardless, it’s hard! We’re like scientists experimenting and recording data. That’s why I hope that we not only admire talented artists, but we don’t ridicule newbies. Ideally, we’d realize that beauty has been linked with oppression and has no bearing on values so… it’s kind of worthless, no? But I am writing a blog and not a thesis 😘