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Is Your Moisturizer Doing More Harm Than Good?

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Hello readers, is it really the end of the month already?

Now, if you’re a superfan of moisturizer and have an absolute favorite that you swear by, I wholly acknowledge my click-baity title 😜 Furthermore, I’ve also added a disclaimer to my About page to say that I’m not a professional anything including aesthetician. So I’ve no educated beef with moisturizer…

Other than my skin is freaking out? Perhaps it is unfair to be so suspicious of the beloved moisturizer as at first I thought that this Pond’s moisturizer was a lifesaver. Affordable, accessible and it didn’t seem to have any problems at first.

But that’s what I thought about this Art Naturals clarifying face wash that I’m trying which is the weirdest one I’ve ever tried. It certainly doesn’t feel or smell weird, but it’s a metallic green color.

Art Naturals Cleanser

Yes!!! Have you ever seen something like this? Honestly, it has a kind of mushy feel like a Clearasil cleanser, and it does clean very well. The bottle also says that it’s actually for oily/acne-prone skin and is sulfate, gluten, and paraben-free. However, I’m very concerned with it giving me acne under the skin (the worst!!!).

So I’m trying to wean back on using it but… I still have it! And now all these bumps that I’ve never had before. I guess you could say, “Why don’t you just buy something that’s worked before like a Clean & Clear or Neutrogena wash?” Well, that would be just too easy, wouldn’t it? I must’ve seen cinnamon being good for something on Pinterest because I’ve started making a mixture of it and honey as a scrub.

Honey Cinnamon

I must say that when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks a lot better (except for the spots). Out of just sheer desperation, I’m seeing if some old contact solution will do anything. Doesn’t seem to be hurting unlike mixing cinnamon and aloe vera! I haven’t the slightest why but those two things together burned and made my face red (I’ve put aloe vera on my face before, so I don’t think I’m allergic…)!

In any case, I’ve actually stopped using moisturizer, and surprisingly, it hasn’t been a problem. At least, I haven’t been dry and flaky (except after using masks two days in a row). Maybe I’m more oily, but I’ve heard moisturizer is still good for oily skin.

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Do you really keep a notebook and record how products work like a scientist? Is clear skin really worth not eating chocolate and using fuzzy pets as pillows? Do you have any DIY skincare nightmares?

Make money online

How to Sell Online (Mercari, eBay, Amazon)

Hello readers, is cleaning out your closet one of your new year #goals?

I’ve written about Poshmark, but I also use/have used eBay, Amazon, and Mercari. Obviously, they have different experiences especially depending on what you sell and how much time is dedicated. I’m just someone who is trying to clean out my (non-name brand) closet, so I’m not making a living. I just wanted to share my “set-up.” All of these services charge fees, so what you pocket may be less than expected.

Note- These experiences and info will be rather US-based.


The first thing I’d suggest is to consider how you want to use a service: Do you want to use a website? Do you have space on your phone for an app? Do you have a lot of time to invest? If you do plan to be into this task for some time, I’d definitely recommend purchasing a postal scale. I know it can be a pain to spend money before making it, but it can save you and your customers on shipping which can be more appealing for buyers! If you’re selling smaller goods like clothes, I think that a 10lb scale will be fine which run about $30- $40.

Additionally, seek out your packaging. I’ve seen people in message boards says they buy in bulk which is technically cheaper, but I don’t really like the idea that I might ever be stuck with 100 envelopes or boxes. So I just checked which stores closest to me were the cheapest.

Make money online


Get familiar with your postal services. Before I started selling online, I’d no idea there were so many classes and options and things 😵 And if you just show up to the post office with a box, you’re going to have to pay for it when you could’ve saved with an envelope! Let’s say you’re mailing a 6oz shirt. If you put it in a bubble envelope, it’d cost $3.32; if you used a box, it’d be $8.17!

If you have something that weighs more, it may actually cost less to use a “flat rate” service– “If it fits, it ships!” You must use certain packaging from the US postal service for this though. Books can qualify for media mail which is cheaper. Mercari also offers shipping labels which aren’t always cheaper but entirely more convenient (you don’t have to go to the post office).

If you use eBay (I’m not sure about Amazon), you do have the option to sell internationally! It can be fun but expensive, so make sure to have the appropriate options selected. Furthermore, there can be some unknown customs rules. Someone from Spain once tried to buy a shirt from me, but I had to cancel the transaction because apparently you need some sort of certificate for used clothing.


I don’t know if everyone else puts in the trouble to make spreadsheets, but this is how I keep track of everything! If you use Gmail, you also have a free office suit in Drive.

Fee Spreadsheets

I have different files for each service and then different sheets for different categories of things (tops, bottoms, media, etc). I create columns for a brief item name/description, price, and shipping info (not every bit totally necessary but helpful!). Then I use those formulas you can use to tabulate and calculate your fees.

Mercari charges 10% of your listed price. Mercari does offer its own postage which is why I’ve two rows per item– the first to see USPS costs; the second to see with Mercari. eBay and Amazon fees are more complicated because there are different types– insertion, PayPal (for eBay), and even varying amounts for what you’re selling.

Mercari Join code

I know I could go more in-depth into those fees, but I don’t like to make posts too long! Let me know if you want anything explained or another post about a service! And if I’ve interested you into joining Mercari, use my referral code when you sign up for a $10 coupon 💕

Scandalize My Name pin

Scandalize My Name

Heya pals, give up your resolutions yet? 😅

Perhaps I should start a series on the things I find at 4am. I wrote about The Visit, and today I want to share a short documentary called Scandalize My Name.

Although the US allied with the Soviet Union in WWII, soon afterwards, we decided that communists can’t sit with us. McCarthyism became the witch hunt of the times. Like how witch hunts targeted those on the fringes of society, conservatives exploited such hysteria by accusing political opponents (e.g., suffragettes, black civil rights activists) as undercover agitators.

Scandalize My Name is about black US performers who blacklisted– their names and affiliations compiled to shun. Celebrated singer/actor and activist Harry Belafonte recalled how black people had served their country in WWII, defeating fascism abroad but faced discrimination at home (such as being rejected for housing and jobs).

Belafonte and guests including Ossie Davis and Rosetta LeNoire talked about Paul Robeson (whom you may/may not know as the incredible baritone of “Ol’ Man River“). They doted on how handsome, intelligent, talented, and charismatic he was. Davis compared that inspiration to Martin Luther King Jr. Those who know how politics are played wanted to prevent Robeson from similarly leading masses.

Robeson spoke at the 1949 Paris Peace Congress, making comments seen as sympathetic to the Soviet Union. HUAC subpoenaed Jackie Robinson (yes, the baseball player) to divide support from Robeson. His concerts were protested and there was even an effigy shown with his name on it, lynched.

Scandalize My Name pin

The film touched on other performers and topics. Theatre producer/director Dick Campbell wrote articles protesting the often janitorial roles to which black actors were relegated. Davis said that undignified representation gave whites justification of stereotypes. LeNoire and Frederick O’Neal spoke of repercussions of blacklisting which included loss of careers and even suicide attempts.

Scandalize My Name was a little meandering to me, but it sheds light on a covered up subject that has so many parallels to today. What Ossie Davis said about holding the community to a higher standard because representation impacts real life is exactly what Hari Kondabolu attempts in The Problem with Apu, a critique of the Simpsons character. After our last presidential election, many want to blame the US’s problems on Russia, and anyone that dares to criticize the Democratic Party are Putin puppets.

Additionally, the government keeping a naughty list (with a malleable definition of naughty) still exists today. Like Paul Robeson, Colin Kaepernick speaks of and acts on the injustice but is mischaracterized as unpatriotic and harassed by the racism he points out!

I guess one could say the whole “those who don’t know history…” thing, but I’d a whole spiel about how flimsy it is. So perhaps it’s better to end with lyrics from the Robeson song which Scandalize gets its name:

I met my brother the other day
I gave him my right hand
And just as soon as ever my back was turned
He scandalized my name

Now do you call that a brother? No, no
You call that a brother? No, no
Call that a brother? No, no
Scandalize my name

P.S.- Did you know that Lucille Ball was registered as a Communist and also had to testify before Congress?

Coastal Scents Palette Pin

Playing with Coastal Scents Go Palette Cairo

Coastal Scents Palette Pin

Hey pals, are you keeping warm?

I hope everyone had a good new year’s eve/day! It is currently too cold for me to try to make any sort of resolution, so I’m just staying home and experimenting with this Coastal Scent Go Palette in the Cairo variety.

Coastal Scents Cairo

I’d been considering getting an eyeshadow palette for a while but just wasn’t able to bring myself to click the checkout button on one when I came across this little guy. I was putting together a little travel-themed thank you gift for a friend and figured that I might as well try it myself!

When I was subscribed to Birchbox, I’d actually received a sampler of Coastal Scents’s Revealed 2 palette and really liked it, so I was hoping to have the same experience. Just on the buying end, I was very pleased to see how reasonable their shipping prices are.

The Go Palette is about the size of a compact with 12 matte and shimmering colors. Now, with obvious exceptions, the shades are on the darker side, but they do look distinctly different, no? I’ve only played around with half the palette, but applied, especially swatched, they look rather similar.

Coastal Scents Cairo

If you number the shades in the compact going left to right, I tried 1, 6 (the copper color), 7, 10, and 3 (dark gold). You can’t even see the first white on my wrist, but things look different on eyes? I think it does make an acceptable highlight.

Coastal Scents Cairo Look
I’m trying to show how the colors look similar, please don’t laugh at my egg head. On the left eye, I used the copper shade and #7; the right, #10 and #3. I honestly wasn’t expecting #3 to be so dark, but oddly, #10 can be layered on itself. Is that a thing? I feel like my sockets just kind of do that (make colors darker in that corner).

Apart from my confusion about how makeup and my own face actually work, I’m still rooting for this little palette. Yes, the colors I tried aren’t as vibrant as they are in the pan and look rather alike, but I still have other shades to try. And with other methods! I just read about using shadows wet.

Personally, I didn’t experience much fallout, the shadows were easy enough to apply and blend, and I like the big mirror. Additionally, this palette and Coastal Scents in general is really affordable and even has sales! If you weren’t impressed by Cairo but are adventurous as both a traveler and with your makeup, perhaps you would be interested in their Passport Palettes with other city themes like London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

Have you ever used a product from Coastal Scents?

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