L’Occitane On-the-Go Hydration

Hey readers, do you get dry skin?

I was originally going to post my monthly picks today, but Vina over at Chimocolate posted about her pretty L’Occitane serum. So I thought I should post about this nifty On-the-Go Hydration Kit that I was able to snag. It contains 3 product minis and came with L’Occitane’s usual 3 free samples.

My skin, just like my hair and the rest of me, does whatever it feels like. Is it “combination” if it seems to depend on weather, hormones or other factors? Does that mean some of you have the same skin no matter what you do? THE AUDACITY.

On the Go Hydration Kit

The cute set comes with a shampoo (is this really called a “shampooing shampoo”?), Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel, and Supple Skin almond oil. Even though my skin had not been particularly dry at the time of purchase, I’ve heard everyone (even the oily) can use moisture and I’ve never tried oil or gel (except for aloe vera).

Shampooing Shampoo w/ 5 Essential Oils

The description on this 1.1oz bottle says this is “formulated with a natural origin vegetable complex” of angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, and sweet orange. It’s supposed to help make hair soft by smoothing capillary fiber. I certainly think this provides more of a boost than my usual $1 Suave, but it’s not as extraordinary as it may sound.

Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel

On L’Occitane’s website, it says this is supposed to recharge skin with water.  I like that it’s not watery, and the packaging is so cute. If you don’t like dipping into product, though, you might not like it. It seems to moisturize fine but again, not any better than a regular lotion.

Supple Skin Almond Oil

I was a little suspicious of just slathering oil of my face. And to be honest, I was right– I think that I did break out, but that may differ for everyone. It smells nice though, so I’m trying it on my neck and other areas because it’s supposed to be firming (not noticing that, however). Also, not that big of an issue, but this is just a twist-off cap bottle, so it can definitely be prone to spill.

Skincare Shampoo Samples

The samples I chose were the Repairing Shampoo, Light Comforting Cream, and Divine Eyes. I found this shampoo to be similar to the “Shampooing Shampoo.” They both have a ginger-y scent. I like that the texture of of the creams weren’t too runny, but I didn’t notice any impact from the eye cream. I’m not sure if it is the Light Comforting Cream of the Gel, but I think that these products may have helped with evening out my skin tone.

This was a fantastic way to be able to try L’Occitane products. I don’t remember what the deal exactly but I think you could either just get the kit and samples and pay for shipping or get it in addition to an order with free shipping. And I believe the cheapest thing was a $5 soap. So… somebody is getting a $5 soap this Christmas!

L'Occitane Products
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Repair Shampoo | Thirst Gel| Shower Oil | Eye Cream| Rose Soap

I think that’s what the cool kids are doing, right? Buying tiny version of expensive stuff? That’s what I’d recommend if you’re interested because Your Maker help you if spend $90 on something and it’s… meh.

Have you tried L’Occitane?

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