An A to Z of Happiness

Hey followers, are you actually feeling autumn yet?

It’s still pretty hot here, but I really feel like I can tell the difference between how the sun or shadows are, if that’s a thing. Last week, Nati posted this cool blog idea of an alphabet of what makes you happy. It’s a great exercise, I think particularly regarding self care or if you’re in a funk. Check her out for other practices! I’ll let her divulge on this list:

The concept’s pretty simple – make your way through the alphabet and, for each letter, write down something that makes you happy or that you like or enjoy!

{My Y item contains an affiliate link}

Attempting to learn Tagalog                   Befriending cool people 😎

Cats                                                                           Delete Your Account podcast

Exploring                                   Filipino food

Genealogy              Having new opportunities

Iced coffee                                         Jeopardy!

Karapatan alliance                       Libraries

Music                                 “No”

Office supplies   Physical photos

Questioning everything       Rain

Sea life                       Ticket stubs

Unboxing!                  Vacuumed carpets

Working out                          Xavier Dolan

Ylang-ylang oil                             Zingers

I didn’t take too many creative liberties, did I? Lol. Ugh, can I make a post of things I hate now? Oh wait, I’ve actually kind of did that. But not through the alphabet! I’m sure it would be just as challenging… just not as positive. Although it could be quite cathartic. What do you think?

If you post your A to Z, link it below!

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