Niceface Matte Lip Gloss Review

What’s up, subjects? Should I have this second cup of coffee?

A pal gifted me this 3 piece Niceface Matte Lip Gloss set either for my birthday or Christmas. Yeah, I know it was a while ago, but to be fair, we’re both procrastinators and didn’t exchange gifts until a while after December! Do you need to add it to your arsenal? Keep scrolling… 

Niceface Matte Gloss Set

This particular set came with the shades 22 Bare With Me, 06 Lulu, and 01 Silk Indulgent. Swatched, Bare With Me is a carnation pink, Lulu is a pink coral, and Silk Indulgent is a dusty pink. It reminded me of Nyx’s Lingerie in Corset, in color at least. I haven’t used Nyx, so I can’t compare about formula or anything.

Niceface swatches
Bare With Me, Lulu, Silk Indulgent

They have a typical fuzzy brush applicator and a somewhat thin consistency. I did not like the scent! Whenever I’ve bought e.l.f.’s tinted moisturizer, it’s had a similar, weird buttery smell, so hopefully both products have not expired!

Applied, Bare With Me and Lulu look very similar to each other on me. I tried to take photos, but now I can’t even tell which is which! When I first used them, I didn’t really like them because I thought they looked really awkward, but after taking photos, I don’t think that they look bad.

Silk Indulgent

I also thought that I would really like Silk Indulgent when I swatched it on my wrist because as I said, it looked like a Nyx Lingerie shade. It appeared very pretty, and I didn’t have a lip item like it. Unfortunately, it looked like I put some foundation on my mouth.

I suppose I could work with it, maybe mix it with another product. I was impressed with its… matteness, lol. I feel like some products labeled “matte” still have a sheen, but these typically dry very matte if a little sticky. This is odd since it’s a “gloss” too! The swatches on my arm could’ve probably stayed until I washed them off (with an oil), but they could probably last most of your school or workday. 

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links
Wet n Wild Lipstick | e.l.f. Lip Color | Nyx Lipstick | Julep Lip Mousse | Laura Mercier Lip Color


My verdict? I’m sure that you can find “matte” lip products in a similar (cheap) price range, but they may or may not be. With this Niceface set, they definitely are, but finding shades may be tricky. And smelly. However, if you think you see a color that could possibly be a dupe for something more expensive, I think it’s a great idea to try something like this to see if you’ll actually like the color of the more expensive product!

What are your favorite matte lip products?

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