July 2018 Empties

Hello followers, can you post more than once a week? 😨

I can barely meet that, but that doesn’t include other social media! I think that (us) bloggers that use multiple channels should be given a little credit 😅 But hey, look! Here I am with a second post since my last was actually kept up with throughout the month, and this one is kind of collective one too. 

July Empties

Maple Holistics Winter Blend Conditioner

I finished off the last of my Maple Holistics conditioner. As I said a couple of weeks after use, it certainly smells nice– peppermint!– and the brand has a lot of appealing qualities. They use natural ingredients, and even this bottle is recyclable. However, I didn’t particularly notice any difference in my hair, and the brand sells stuff with Dead Sea salt. It’s certainly an option for natural products, but I think I’ll look elsewhere. Read my previous review here.

Look Beauty Pretty Animalz Panda Mask

Ok, one of you warned me this looked creepy… I’m sorry I didn’t believe you! This was in a Target box from a while ago, so I don’t really remember any effect. But look, I just looked them up, and will any of this keep me from wanting to try the cat one? Lol, no. It says it has honey extract and lavender flower water, but it also has PEGs. The container kind of smells like rosemary now. Perhaps I will try the cat one and then quit sheet masks forever. Y/N?

Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Cleanser/Mask

Another item I was surprisingly sent! Neutrogena isn’t the most natural brand or even the cheapest, but after this package and previously using their Foaming Cleanser, I’m pleased with my experiences! I like my scrubs, so I’d probably have just get this rarely, but its scent and sensation is so refreshing. It dries very gently. To see my previous review, go here.

Nabi Concealer

Nabi All-in-One Concealer in Beige

This was too ambitious in claiming it can contour, highlight, conceal, correct, and “etc.” It was okay for me as a highlighter, but it certainly doesn’t have that shine some may like. It smelled like baby powder and contains parabens. I didn’t like the applicator, but saw Rawal ingenuously rip the brush off a LA Girl product. I tried and, there’s a spring in there!! Unfortunately, the Nabi product doesn’t poke out, so it’s still a hassle. My previous post is here.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator

This was an old product back from when I tried Birchbox. I was trying to save it because I liked the texture so much– very gritty like sand. But I don’t like things that “brighten” because they may just mean lighten particularly things with papaya. It is paraben and sulfate free and very natural. They’re pretty pricey though, so maybe I will just roll around at the beach.

July Empties Links

Affiliate links
OGX Conditioner | Pretty Animalz Mask | Neutrogena Mask/Cleanser
Nabi Concealer | Vasanti Rejuvenator


I can’t believe it’s August! 😱
What do you have to buckle down on now that half the year is over!?

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