June 2018 Empties


Hey followers, did you remember to do that thing?

I totally forgot about doing “empties” posts. Probably because I’ve been trying to cut back on spending and waiting to have enough for a collective post! So apologies that I didn’t write down my findings like a scientist and that some reviews may be vague or indecisive. I’ll try to balance groups with products about which I’ve more to say!

Mango Mud Mask

First up is something I don’t remember too well how it worked. It says it’s for purifying and soothing, but all I recall was that it smelled bad which is so depressing because I love mangoes. It was from Forever 21, but it was made in Korea. Does that alone make it K-beauty? In any case, I wouldn’t recommend it because it contains Dead Sea mud and salt, and the cultivation of those are suspect as heck.

Alba Sunless Tanner

I’m so on the fence about using tanning products like the subtle Jergens lotion I’ve used or something that seems more noticeable. I thought this Alba Botanica item might be a happy medium, but it’s honestly just like the Jergens. I will say that it smells very nice and doesn’t contain parabens or phthalates, doesn’t test on animals, and has 100% vegetarian ingredients. Alba costs more for about half the product. I think it’s worth it (I did use a gift card tho), but if you need to, I’d save your money and just get the Jergens (or something else). 

Product Empties

Dove DermaCare Scalp 2-in-1

A preface for this review: it was just a sample, and I don’t really have dandruff flakes (it claims to leave no visible flakes with regular use). I can get those tiny pieces if I don’t wash. So I’m unsure if this will work for more typical dandruff. It does contain pyrithione zine and has a peppermint scent. Personally, I felt like it didn’t lather well and make me more greasy 😩 

DHC Eye Bright

I think I threw this into my cart when I was trying out Dermstore. It is a clear gel made in Japan. Look, it says “eye bright.” I thought it would brighten my dark circles! I’ve only just noticed it says “eye moisturizer.” What the heck is that? That sounds like what Visine does. Anyway, this disappointingly did not brighten my dark circles. Debatably, it lightened the other nearby skin which sucks!! When you’ve yellow undertones, it looks like you’ve celebrated Independence Day a little too hard.

Rimmel Buff Beige

Rimmel’s Stay Matte seems like the affordable powder everyone recommends. I don’t hate it; I’m just not in love with it. I’m definitely willing to give it another try as I had been applying it with a brush but found smudging with a sponge definitely helps prolong use (I was worried about wiping away foundation). I’m just having a hard time with color matching. Pictured is 012 Buff Beige which I think may be too cool for me. I’ve tried 001 Transparent as I heard that was supposed to be not really pigmented and blend in to every’s tones but still felt it was too light. Maybe it was just my foundation?

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Forever 21 Mask | Alba Botanica lotion | Dove 2-in-1 | DHC Eye Bright | Rimmel Powder

Thank you for reading my unscientific findings!
Do you which Stay Matte shade I should use?

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