Pur Eye Polish Glitters

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Last year I was able to join Pur Cosmetics’s Insider community which allows me to weigh in on beauty matters and earn points for various activities. TBH, I was not too impressed with the panel experience (IDEK if it’s still active), but they did send me 3 of their Glitters to review for their websites. But, when I clicked the link to review, it didn’t even work! So maybe they kicked me out, but maybe I can review them here and the universe will still count it 😅

Pur Glitters
The colors I received are Lust (red), Queenie (lighter yellow), and Namaslay (golden beige). I gotta say, I’m not thrilled about the commercialization of a Hindi word by people probably not of the culture. Like: mess up your own language and make money off of that… 

That being said, the shade is actually very beautiful. I love that kind of champagne color. The lighter varieties weren’t particularly pigmented on my light-medium skin, but all three were incredibly glittery and shimmery. I’ve swatched them applied with the wand in their container and brushed/smudged out.

Eye Polish Swatches

I’m not really a fan of the applicator either. It’s kind of skinny, and you can get uneven application that’s difficult to spread with it. I think that you may have better luck taking it from the wand to your fingers or perhaps some other tool.

Eye Polish Wand

I haven’t worn this a lot but I think that it was incredible staying power. However, I’ve seen some reviews mention fallout. It’s definitely not like arts and craft glitter (lol), so it’s not gritty. But, for example, if I smudged Queenie it with a finger, I could probably wipe it on my face as a highlighter. A little will do a lot!

Pur Cosmetics doesn’t test on animals, is “vegan friendly” and free of talc, parabens, gluten, petroleum, mineral oil, and sodium lauryl sulfate. I wasn’t a fan of the naming of one of these shades and personally, I wouldn’t pay $30 for a package of 5 pieces, but these eye polish glitters would definitely add a great pop to your eye look.

Leah over at Miss Pettigrew Review bought a Mystery Bag from Pur a couple of months ago and 5 out of 6 products were the same thing in different colors! So maybe if those aforementioned benefits are appealing, stick to the more standard items from Pur and not the more novel ones.

What are your impressions of Pur?

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