1804: The Hidden History of Haiti

Salutations followers, how are you?

This week I want to share a documentary that I recently watched about the Haitian Revolution.

Embarrassingly, I don’t really know anything about Haiti which is why I wanted to check it out. I certainly wouldn’t say that I know everything about the topic now, but the movie is definitely one to see to learn and consider viewpoints with regard to the enslaved and uprising population. This is often left out of history books and similarly popular knowledge.

The Hidden History of Haiti features different speakers that talk about the conditions leading up to 1804, leaders of the revolution, and how these events even influence the status of Haiti today.  Some things that stuck with me include that it’s the only slave uprising that lead to an independent nation. The colonizing French gassed slaves to death with sulfur. Napoleon seems like a name from so long ago (that gets discussed a lot), but he was the ruler at this time, and the Haitians defeated him!

Apparently there is the notion that black people went wild and killed all the white people on the island. In this documentary, guests say that Haitians were joined by deserting Polish forces, left neutral Germans alone, and even allowed some French to flee (whom were so grateful that they fired cannons ashore).

I love the free spirit of Haiti and look forward to learning more about its culture. However, that will definitely be a long-term project! Since we’re all here, I’d like to encourage action, but the only thing that I can think of is to support something like the FLIC which can help Haitian-American immigrants with the legal process as well as alert the rest of us as to when to get everyone to support TPS!

What resources do you recommend?


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