Festival Fashion

Heyhey followers, what’s your weekend forecast?

It’s pretty gorgeous in my neck of the woods. It’s even bordering on summer heat when I’m running errands in the hotbox of a car. Perhaps this is why I’m so attracted to some of the ethereal styles associated with outdoor music festivals. I would love to command such a look but I don’t think the post office is as interesting as a background 😅.

Although the perhaps most well-known of music festivals is over (seriously, can we make it over forever now? The owner is major creepoid), some other big ones run throughout summer, and maybe you even have some local events! So it’s totally not weird to share some festival style looks that I like and may even try to get myself.

1. Francesca’s Duster {$44} 2. Mesh Dress {$37} 3. Mesh Skirt {$7}

Long & Light

A classic look for being out in the sun, fuller lengths provide great style while sheer materials help keep cool. Another plus is that it’s so versatile. There’s maxi skirts and dresses, patterned, prints and solids. There are even lace and mesh duster coats 😍

Entro Vest {$38}


This one is somewhat of a surprise to me, but if we’re talking music festivals, why not pay tribute to the grandfather of them– Woodstock? Personally, I’m not too familiar with the fabric, but I imagine it might be hot in the sun? But maybe a vest would be helpful since it’s removable and then another layer in the cooler night air.

1. Adia Kibur Necklace {$45} 2. Faux Suede Necklace {$36} 3. Layered Necklace {$19} 4. Multi-layer Necklace {$29} 5. Gabi Rielle Necklace {$44}

Layered Lines

Layered necklaces are a must, particularly the typical dainty chains. However, I can really see the case for beaded strands and chunky statement pieces. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite, but again, I love the hippie nod with the rainbow necklace and nature theme of the stars and moon.

1. Sam Edelman Sandal {$50} 2. Elorie Espadrille {$25}

Laced Up

Ok, I try to be real with you all– if I had to walk a bunch I would probably not wear these. But if you like feeling like a gladiator and have your own pool, then I guess, go for it! I don’t know if those types of sole inserts work, but if they do, please use them! The Insta is not worth it, IMO!

skin care
1. Alba Suncreen {$4} 2. Boohoo sunglasses {$5} 3. Sequin Sun Hat {$10}


Just as you should look out for those heels and arches, look out for the rest of your skin! Make sure someone knows where you are and drink plenty of water! I’m sure you hear enough of that from your parents, but they told me that they love you and wish you’d call more. 😂

I used to check concert listings for bands I’ve liked, but heck, I must be getting old. I think I’ll just look for some free shows on the beach. What trends did I miss? Do you go to festivals?

Link Up: Sincerely Jenna Marie + More Pieces of Me

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