You’re the Worst

Hello readers, need some new tunes?

Some things just sort of happen whether they be the assemblage of couple-that-probably-shouldn’t-assemble-but-are-trying-anyway Jimmy and Gretchen or me watching the show about their unconventional relationship, You’re the Worst.

I wouldn’t say this is a programs you have to see and since I just wrote a whole post about unfortunate ethnic jokes, I’d give a heads up to anyone interested. However, I do really like the bar/garage band aesthetic or at least, soundtrack, that reminds me of when I actually used to go to shows in standing room only areas that smelled like smoke and felt like 7pm and alcohol on your shoes.

Oh man, I haven’t been to a show in a while. Do you know any songs that could fit this playlist?

Link up: Sincerely Jenna Marie & More Pieces of Me

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