June 2017 Empties

My first Empties post! I really don’t buy or use things enough to have them more often, but the bottles were piling up. I hadn’t kept the best usage record, I wasn’t sure if I should write about them, so please pardon any vague review. Learning experience!

Lotion hair tea

O’Pro Protein Curl Vitalizer Conditioner &
Next Image Curl-n-Wavy Conditioner

I’m reviewing these products together because I had a similar experience with them. I tried these because I felt like my hair was flat and thought I could combat it with curls. Both conditioners have oils and ingredients that sound great but they also both have parabens and other suspicious ones. I think the O’pro smelled ok to me, but Next Image smelled like an aunt’s salon. Its directions do say to comb the product through after spraying on wet hair, but if you don’t, your hair will be stiff like you used hairspray.

Unfortunately, these products aren’t for me though simply because I believe they’re meant to help tame curls, and I have none! My hair is only very slightly wavy. These products could’ve slightly exaggerated that or distributed the waves more evenly or less frizzy, but I didn’t like the extra steps of having to put these conditioners on outside my shower.

Jergens Natural Glow

Available at Ulta for $10.99

I started using this lotion in the winter because I thought I could try to even out my body’s overall color. This bottle boasts that it has a great scent which I have to admit is much better than the previous one that I thought smelled like the cereal Waffle Crisp.

Whenever I use this, however, it only tans the lighter sides the slightest amount you could tan the first time only. Similarly, I just noticed that the firming effect is supposed to reduce cellulite which isn’t in my top problems, so I didn’t notice if it worked. I’ve been using the Fair to Medium tone because my usually clothed areas are very light, but the outcome color is lighter than my tanner sides 😑 I’ve been thinking about giving the Medium to Tan range a last try of this product because it is full of parabens and BHT.

Melville Candy Tea Stirrers

I am much more of a coffee person than a tea drinker. But I love these tea stirrers. What’s not to like? They’re basically like lemon lollipops with little ginger chunks. They’re all natural, gluten-free, but they do have soy. Thanks to Julie for the present!

Matrix Biolage

Matrix Biolage Color Last Shampoo + Conditioner

Travel size available at Ulta for $3.59
13.5oz at JCPenny $12.75- $13.50
33.8oz set at JCP $24.99

I was able to try this fancy brand when somebody was getting rid of them, and there was still a good amount left! I have to say I’m impressed. With my usual cheap shampoo, if I don’t wash every other day, I’m oily and itchy, so you might be able to justify the higher price if you can get away with a wash per week!

Matrix Biolage doesn’t have parabens, but it does have other rank-ranking ingredients on EWG’s database. I don’t color my hair, so I can’t if this line works on its designation. Oddly, its reviews on the brand website aren’t great, but they’re 4.5/5 on Ulta! I also wasn’t a big fan of the scent, but it wouldn’t keep me from buying it.

Unfortunately, most of these items just weren’t for me! They may work perfectly well to whom they appeal, but I did want to use the whole package to see if they’d somehow turn it around. How long do you give a product before you give up on it?

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Music Monday: Salsa & Choke

Here’s a little bit of a Music Monday for you since I misscheduled my last post. I went to YouTube an artist I heard on TV, but eventually found Ana Tijoux and her song with Shadia Mansour called “Somos Sur.”

There are so many reasons why I love this song. First of all, it’s very subversive. I don’t speak Spanish, but thankfully, we live in the future where at best, blessed souls provide translations or at worse, you can get a mangled one from Google Translate. This isn’t just about having a bad day or saying girls are pretty princesses; this is about the colonial theft of land and resources!

It’s rare and difficult to hear anti-establishment music in the US, and we practically discourage the use of languages besides English. So to hear such a dauntless and unifying track in Spanish with an Arabic rap verse, (and I’m going by the YT comments here) that blends the sounds of each culture, that’s not a sleepy folk song, by two women!!! is so beautiful and inspiring to me.

Ok, it was so hard for me to choose which ChocQuibTown song I’ve been replaying. After listening to Tijoux, Youtube recommended fellow Nacional Records trio, ChocQuibTown, all of whose videos, well, as one commenter says of “Salsa & Choke”, “Si no te nace bailar con esto…sos un robot.”
It’s interesting that they say, “El Pacifico en la casa” (which Google translates to, “The Pacific is in the house”) because I just kind of always associated the Pacific with Asia… But do other people say this? Is it like in the US with the East / West coasts? 🙂 Also check out–

I feel like I’d heard of A Tribe Called Red years ago but never actually got into them. At the very least, I did love “The Virus” that I checked out because I do follow Saul Williams. I do like the “Sisters” as well, but I chose this song because I liked the little video game-type sound effects.

I’ve actually lost a lot of time and interest in music, so it was very satisfying to get back into the groove even if all of these songs are actually a few years old! No idea if I will continue the outside the United States theme, but I could always use recommendations! Let me know what you’ve been playing!