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CeraVe Cleanser + Cream

Cream CleanserSince I’ve been blogging about masks with natural ingredients and my not-so-natural usual cleanser was running low, I thought about getting something new. But I totally ran out before I found something, so I’m using these cute little samples I got from CeraVe!

First of all, this may be irrelevant, but I appreciate the packaging and size. They came in a perfectly sized box and mesh pouch with coupons! You ever get samples that are a postcard and a little peel-off pocket? These aren’t even as big as a retail trial size, but I think they still provide enough to get a feel for the product.

CeraVe Cleanser

The Hydrating Cleanser says that it hydrates as it cleanses. It looks kind of just like a body wash, but I guess depending on washes, I’d say its consistency is more like a hair conditioner. When you put it on, it doesn’t lather at all, but that wasn’t much of a problem for me.

The Moisturizing Cream looks and feels pretty much like what you’d expect of a cream. It’s actually thicker than my usual facial moisturizer and body lotions. It says it moisturizes, restores, and maintains protective skin barrier.

Both the cleanser and cream say they’re for dry to normal skin. CeraVe says their products have MVE Delivery Technology, hyaluronic acid, and are non-comedogenic. I haven’t heard or researched much about MVE, but apparently it’s Multivesicular Emulsion which CeraVe’s process allows the product to repair the skin barrier and continue working after application.

Moisturizing CreamI think that all of CeraVe’s talk is definitely backed up. I do not get the dry patches I get sometimes with these products. And I think that it helps calm some acne redness. I’m moisturized and not oily.

One thing I did not like is that I did have some acne near my chin that I messed with, and I felt like the products made that skin feel harder? I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s like the product didn’t affect that area, so it didn’t look very pretty under makeup! Another thing is the smell. CeraVe is more than what I usually pay but is still in a drugstore range, but you’re definitely paying for the technology and not natural ingredients or fun scents lol. It’s not a bad smell, but maybe kind of medical?

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Hydrating Cleanser | Moisturizing Cream | Foaming Cleanser | Micellar Water

Before I started blogging, I would just buy and use things, so I never really considered my skin type or if it’s what I need. Seeing how well these products worked for me is great because now I can see if having dry skin is my baseline and if I should focus on hydration rather than just a general acne wash that didn’t really do much anyway.


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What I Hate… Right Now

A while ago, Julie wrote a post about what was annoying her at the moment, and I think I’m going to have to borrow the idea. She had a list of things, but I’m going to rant about different types of one thing: those little, cutesy, Pinterest-able phrases.
Now, if “Just keep swimming” or whatever honestly motivates you, fine. My problem is when these simplistic sayings are applied to people, politics, or other complex situations. “Just keep swimming!” I’m… I’m on land…? “Keep on!” I’m dry, I’m- “GIVE ME 15 LAPS!!”
  • “If the president is the pilot, I’m not going to root for him to crash!”
This was a particularly fun meme going around Facebook earlier this year that conveniently overlooks everything an administration is doing to oppress women, poor people, Muslims, LGBT people, Latinx people, children… If your piloting is harming people, people are going to try to prevent you from piloting!!
  • “You’re not a tree, you don’t have roots! If you don’t like it, you can move!”
This is incredibly privileged and ridiculous on many levels. First of all, I can’t. I can not financially or mentally afford to upend my whole life. I’m sure thousands can’t. Second, even if I could afford it, people do have roots. They have family, friends, memories, obligations. It’s very insulting to insinuate that these people aren’t in fact, human, with such relations and responsibilities. Are they supposed to move too?
And talk about hypocritical. People are trying to move here because they can’t afford to not, and we won’t let them! Third, why should people have to move just because someone thinks they shouldn’t be able to criticize the arguably most powerful person in the world? Everyone needs to be held accountable regardless of title.
  • “Good vibes only”
Maybe it’s my astrological sign, but I must love staying heated. I don’t really mind if this one’s your Self Care Day mantra or what have you, but I feel like people use it to block out any critical discussion at all. Whether about a celebrity or politics, I find it indulgent and reminiscent of people who want to “respect different opinions” so much that they use it as an excuse for bigotry. Let me self care myself to sleep with that nonsense!!
I think I’ve become an expert at recognizing people I need to avoid lol, so I’m pretty good at preventing my blood pressure from getting too high and don’t get too angry. Fortunately, writing is a great way to get all those emotions out. And hopefully it’ll be a good time before I’ve seen so many easy-way-out opinion graphics that I need to take it out on my poor blog!

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Birthday Cereal Bars

Some time ago I must’ve been Googling easy desserts because I found this recipe for Rice Krispies. My brother loved them, so I thought I’d make some for his birthday. Not only is this treat super simple, but it’s very customizable. I didn’t venture far from the original (since they weren’t bro-tested :P), but I’ll share some neat options.

  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 5 cups of mini marshmallows
  • 5 cups cereal

Butter in Pot
1) Set your stove on “low” and melt 1/4 cup of butter.Melting Marshmallows
2) Slowly add 5 cups of marshmallows.
It might look weird as heck when they first start to melt but just keep melting and stirring, and it should end up looking smooth like a batter.
3) In a separate bowl, pour 5 cups of cereal.
When all your marshmallows are melted, pour them into this bowl and mix!
4) Spread the cereal-marshmallow mix on a plate, tray, or cookie sheet.
The recipe writers suggest greasing your tray with margarine or olive oil or use aluminum foil. I usually forget to do this! And it hasn’t been too much of a problem. Warning: this step is sticky!
5) Let these babies cool to room temperature. Cut into desired amount/shapes.
If you want basic bars, you’re done! Enjoy! What I like to do is add a layer of frosting on top. The frosting I purchased came with sprinkles, and I also bought a smaller frosting pen to write messages.
completed cereal bars
Some easy options or alternatives include: adding vanilla, using/adding different cereals, adding CHOCOLATE and/or peanut butter, and adding food coloring, cranberries and raisins. I would love to figure out a vegan version.\

Additional notes! A typical 12oz box of a Rice Krispies-type cereal will be plenty for this recipe. You might even be able to get two batches. But my marshmallows came in bags of about 10oz which are only about 6 cups.

What do you think? It’s Mother’s Day weekend…
do you think you’ll be taking over the kitchen for mom?

Recipe source: Wikihow

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Masks I’ve Been Using

Can you believe there was a time that I didn’t use masks? Honestly, I still probably wouldn’t if they didn’t make such convenient little gift additions. Since I’ve received a few, I thought I’d share their characteristics in case you’re in the mask market.

Shea Moisture Mud Mask

Mud mask

If you’re a drug store beauty enthusiast, Shea Moisture can be a tempting brand. Just a glance at the back of this package and you can see that the brand doesn’t test on animals, is family owned, and uses organic, natural, and fair-trade ingredients. This African black soap mud mask with tamarind and tea tree oil  is supposed to absorb excess oil, clarify, and soothe blemish-prone skin.
I think it works! It’s a darker gray, clay wash-off that does not have that tightening feeling these type have as they dry. Some reviews have said it smells like crayons, but I notice more of a baby powder scent.
However, Shea Moisture has been the center of controversy lately as Bain Capital became an investor, a tone-deaf ad campaign and claims of hair care formula changes have left the very audience that built the brand feeling suspicious and abandoned.

Ahava Mud Mask

Dead Sea mask
I just noticed that this is also a mud mask! Whereas the Shea Moisture mask was a darker gray, Ahava’s Dead Sea Essentials soothing chamomile looks and smells more like sand, matching its “spa facial” description. It is not tested on animals and doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium lauryl ether sulfate.
If it looks and smells like sand, it’d make sense to feel like it too, right? It’s very slightly grainy. And while it doesn’t have parabens or SLS, its EWG rating is a 7 with concerning ingredients such as BHA and several PEGs. It does come in a generous size, but it does fail the BDS boycott.

Que Bella Refreshing & Indulgent


This was a little fun. I tried Que Bella’s pink pomegranate peel-off first, and it’s clear! It’s kind of like a gel and is very sticky. I don’t know if I didn’t use enough, but it came off like if you let glue dry on your skin. It reminded me of the Berrisome lip tints. But it smelled really nice, and as far as ingredients go, it seems to be a mix of natural and shady.
The “indulgent” side of package was another mud mask! It has a very cute light pink coloring. It’s made with rosehip and green tea oil. I’m not sure about the green tea, but it definitely had a rose or floral scent. Its ingredients are actually different from the “refreshing” side and even includes some parabens.
I found all of these masks to be a little drying, but this could have been caused by any number of things and probably nothing a moisturizer couldn’t fix. As much as I liked the Shea Moisture and Que Bella pomegranate mask, I’m not sure if I would buy them. I will probably let my mom try the rose mask for Mother’s Day though since she likes those scents. 😛