How to Clean Out Your Inbox

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Hello readers, are you too stuffed to move?

I hope everyone had/is having a good holiday. Did you receive anything good? I don’t really make lists since nobody can just give me a car 😅 But I did get a Polaroid camera! At the moment, I’m way too lazy to put my gifts away, so instead of swatching a palette or something I’m going to share some tips that will hopefully help you in the new year.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been bombarded by seasonal sales emails. Not only that, but I follow many political groups and advocacy organizations, so all of them were asking for donations. I totally understand the need, but it was honestly overwhelming. Here’s what I’ve been doing to get that relieving inbox zero.

1) Take Inventory

Make mental or physical notes about who you get emails from, how much, if they’re of value to you, etc. Sometimes similar organizations get hold of my info, so I don’t really mind, but if they’re not sending relevant info, I have to cut it off. Similarly, I’ve signed up for stores’ newsletters in hopes of coupons, but I ended up never shopping there.

2) Update Preferences

Not every subscription offers this, but if you really do care for a site, you may still be able to follow it slightly less. Depending on the site, but you may be able to customize updates (1x/week, selected highlights). For a site like Facebook or WordPress, you can select to not have to be notified for every little thing.

View from hotel
Check out my travel tips from my recent trip to Las Vegas!

3) Unsubscribe

Here’s the big obvious one: unsubscribing. Apply the “use it or lose it” rule to your email! If conversations are rather one-sided or you haven’t otherwise interacted with a group, I don’t think they’ll notice if you leave 👋

4) Apply Filters

I admit that I don’t use this method much anymore, and it may take some work. Part of the reason I’ve such a full inbox is some major FOMO! However, you may be to apply filters so that your server automatically takes certain actions like marking a message as read, moving it to a certain folder, or sending it straight to the trash.

5) Just Do It

It may not seem like much, but I definitely feel like I waste time trying to decide which emails to address over others. Maybe you have an order that you have to adhere to– school or work over blogging– but for the most part, just going at that box in chronological order helps me not have to worry about what ifs and get stuff done.

Is keeping up with your inbox on your goal list? What should I take physical photos of?
Thanks for reading!

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