Rounding Down 2017

Hello partners, are your holiday plans falling into place?

I’ve been kind of swamped trying to figure out holiday budgets, gifts and other spending, not to mention blogging and everything else. So I kind of just want to take a post to sort of blah out and make sure yall don’t think I’m some kind of big fancy blogger now since my last three posts were “sponsored” !

Of course it’s the dream to be paid to test things, right? So it’s still a little unbelievable to me. But, I wasn’t technically paid, so I still have some work to do!

Falafel Inn image


Last week there was a local Arab Fest that I wanted to check out, but it was rather far, and I was already driven-out from taking my dad to the airport. He wanted to save some money by flying out of the smaller one that I wasn’t as familiar with and I got lost after dropping him off 😭

Since I was planning to stop by downtown anyway, I thought the $10 parking cost I’d have to spend at the festival would be better spent going all towards somebody’s business. So my mom and I went to Falafel Inn where we got the the chicken shawarma plate and rice pudding. It’s so weird; I think I used to hate rice pudding, but now I think I love it.

Small Support

Speaking of supporting small business and scrapping all previous plans: my Christmas presents! I wanted to have everybody’s gifts centered around something from an indie creator, but it hasn’t exactly worked out the way I was thinking. But I’ve managed to sneak in some support if you count my friend’s birthday for which I got her some melts from Comadre Candles.

My brother likes Pikachu, so I’m going to rub my 8-bit Surfin Pikachu-covered feet in his face, haha! But he also likes Mimikyu, so I’m getting him an enamel pin from Just Peachy. I’ve been kind of running low on ideas for my dad and his wife, so I’m going to make some donations on their behalf to Jewish Voice for Peace, ALCADEV, and the Florida Immigrant Coalition.



I’ve been watching all the horror movies I reserved at the library for Halloween 😅 Interestly, they’ve all been non-US films. Some I’ve watched include Ôdishon (Audition– Japan, 2001), Les Yeux sans Visage (Eyes Without a Face- French, 1960), and Dek hor (Dorm– Thai, 2006). I don’t think I’d ever seen a Thai horror movie. I don’t think Visage or Dorm was particularly gory, but Ôdishon is definitely bloody.

I also saw Ingrid Goes West starring Aubrey Plaza. It’s a wild but relatable ride about which I’m honestly still trying to unravel my thoughts. I was very much expecting it to be another Baby Boomer finger-wagging about kids and their phones, but the story has been told many times already. It’s just the tech that’s new. However, surely living a double life catches up with you. Why hadn’t the fraudsters that Ingrid was imitating unravel? I’ve other questions, but perhaps it’s not meant to be that deep. Just like the social media???? LOL.

 Just hit a bit of milestone with my followers too! Thank you all so much for following!
Are you ready for this year to be over? Or are you squeezing in some last goals?

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