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How to Clean Out Your Inbox

Inbox Zero Pin

Hello readers, are you too stuffed to move?

I hope everyone had/is having a good holiday. Did you receive anything good? I don’t really make lists since nobody can just give me a car 😅 But I did get a Polaroid camera! At the moment, I’m way too lazy to put my gifts away, so instead of swatching a palette or something I’m going to share some tips that will hopefully help you in the new year.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been bombarded by seasonal sales emails. Not only that, but I follow many political groups and advocacy organizations, so all of them were asking for donations. I totally understand the need, but it was honestly overwhelming. Here’s what I’ve been doing to get that relieving inbox zero.

1) Take Inventory

Make mental or physical notes about who you get emails from, how much, if they’re of value to you, etc. Sometimes similar organizations get hold of my info, so I don’t really mind, but if they’re not sending relevant info, I have to cut it off. Similarly, I’ve signed up for stores’ newsletters in hopes of coupons, but I ended up never shopping there.

2) Update Preferences

Not every subscription offers this, but if you really do care for a site, you may still be able to follow it slightly less. Depending on the site, but you may be able to customize updates (1x/week, selected highlights). For a site like Facebook or WordPress, you can select to not have to be notified for every little thing.

View from hotel
Check out my travel tips from my recent trip to Las Vegas!

3) Unsubscribe

Here’s the big obvious one: unsubscribing. Apply the “use it or lose it” rule to your email! If conversations are rather one-sided or you haven’t otherwise interacted with a group, I don’t think they’ll notice if you leave 👋

4) Apply Filters

I admit that I don’t use this method much anymore, and it may take some work. Part of the reason I’ve such a full inbox is some major FOMO! However, you may be to apply filters so that your server automatically takes certain actions like marking a message as read, moving it to a certain folder, or sending it straight to the trash.

5) Just Do It

It may not seem like much, but I definitely feel like I waste time trying to decide which emails to address over others. Maybe you have an order that you have to adhere to– school or work over blogging– but for the most part, just going at that box in chronological order helps me not have to worry about what ifs and get stuff done.

Is keeping up with your inbox on your goal list? What should I take physical photos of?
Thanks for reading!

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Rounding Down 2017

Hello partners, are your holiday plans falling into place?

I’ve been kind of swamped trying to figure out holiday budgets, gifts and other spending, not to mention blogging and everything else. So I kind of just want to take a post to sort of blah out and make sure yall don’t think I’m some kind of big fancy blogger now since my last three posts were “sponsored” !

Of course it’s the dream to be paid to test things, right? So it’s still a little unbelievable to me. But, I wasn’t technically paid, so I still have some work to do!

Falafel Inn image


Last week there was a local Arab Fest that I wanted to check out, but it was rather far, and I was already driven-out from taking my dad to the airport. He wanted to save some money by flying out of the smaller one that I wasn’t as familiar with and I got lost after dropping him off 😭

Since I was planning to stop by downtown anyway, I thought the $10 parking cost I’d have to spend at the festival would be better spent going all towards somebody’s business. So my mom and I went to Falafel Inn where we got the the chicken shawarma plate and rice pudding. It’s so weird; I think I used to hate rice pudding, but now I think I love it.

Small Support

Speaking of supporting small business and scrapping all previous plans: my Christmas presents! I wanted to have everybody’s gifts centered around something from an indie creator, but it hasn’t exactly worked out the way I was thinking. But I’ve managed to sneak in some support if you count my friend’s birthday for which I got her some melts from Comadre Candles.

My brother likes Pikachu, so I’m going to rub my 8-bit Surfin Pikachu-covered feet in his face, haha! But he also likes Mimikyu, so I’m getting him an enamel pin from Just Peachy. I’ve been kind of running low on ideas for my dad and his wife, so I’m going to make some donations on their behalf to Jewish Voice for Peace, ALCADEV, and the Florida Immigrant Coalition.



I’ve been watching all the horror movies I reserved at the library for Halloween 😅 Interestly, they’ve all been non-US films. Some I’ve watched include Ôdishon (Audition– Japan, 2001), Les Yeux sans Visage (Eyes Without a Face- French, 1960), and Dek hor (Dorm– Thai, 2006). I don’t think I’d ever seen a Thai horror movie. I don’t think Visage or Dorm was particularly gory, but Ôdishon is definitely bloody.

I also saw Ingrid Goes West starring Aubrey Plaza. It’s a wild but relatable ride about which I’m honestly still trying to unravel my thoughts. I was very much expecting it to be another Baby Boomer finger-wagging about kids and their phones, but the story has been told many times already. It’s just the tech that’s new. However, surely living a double life catches up with you. Why hadn’t the fraudsters that Ingrid was imitating unravel? I’ve other questions, but perhaps it’s not meant to be that deep. Just like the social media???? LOL.

 Just hit a bit of milestone with my followers too! Thank you all so much for following!
Are you ready for this year to be over? Or are you squeezing in some last goals?

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Healing Tree Lip Balm

Healing Tree Lip BalmI was sent this product free of charge for review purposes.

Hiya readers, is the weather getting to you?

It actually hit 30°F down here over the weekend, so although it’s back up to 60, my thin-blooded self is yelling about winter. At least I can bundle up in cozy hoodies now.

One thing that’s not so fun about the chill is dry skin and cracked lips. I was recently selected to receive a natural lip balm from The Healing Tree at no cost in exchange for a review which I’m happy to share.

Healing Tree Natural balmWhat drew me to The Healing Tree’s lip balm is that it uses 100% natural ingredients. Shea butter and vitamin E are sure to help moisturize and protect lips from cold weather. I received the variety called “Natural” which is actually also vegan.

Other varieties contain beeswax and honey. The balms are also not tested on animals and doesn’t have ingredients some avoid like parabens and mineral oil.

Healing Tree lip detailsThe product works fine. It goes on smooth and lasts a good couple of hours. The “Natural” variety doesn’t really have any scent or flavor unless you glob it on. Then it unsurprisingly has a bit of a waxy smell. There are coconut and coffee scents that I wish I could’ve chosen or received!

This may be short and sweet, but… it’s a plain lip balm. What else can I say? If you consider cost, it may very well a bit pricier but still very much affordable. I’ve said I’m actually terrible at spending but could totally see rationalizing a such a small difference for a smaller brand providing quality.

Link Up: Sincerely Jenna Marie + More Pieces of Me

Have you heard of The Healing Tree? Are looking for natural skin care?

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Uncommon Goods Gift Guide

Uncommon Goods Pin

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods.

Hello readers, the year’s last call isn’t rushing you too much, is it?

I usually try to start early when it comes to gift-giving because I have to figure out how much money I have, and I like searching for that perfect present for everyone. With all of the extra holiday activities though, it never seems to be early enough!

If you’re like me and squeezing your shopping in whenever you can in crowded big box stores isn’t ideal, Uncommon Goods is perfect. They contacted me to share their curated marketplace for unique crafts, and their priorities is what made the connection so appealing. Not only is there an attention to its artists, but Uncommon Goods also focuses on sustainability by both being environmentally friendly and treating workers with dignity e.g., paying fair wage.

This holiday season, they’ve put together some helpful idea guides. To show you the types of one-of-a-kind crafts you will find, I’ll be sharing some pieces that caught my eye from their Personalized Gifts, Gifts for Friends, and Stocking Stuffer Ideas guides.

Gifts for Friends

Gifts for Friends
1. Good Gummies Organic Candy 2. Jewelry Organize Roll 3. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses
4. Bonds of Friendship Bracelet 5. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin 6. Literary Scarf

I love that on Uncommon Goods you can find something for anyone whether they’re a travel buddy, foodie, music lover, or newlywed. In fact, you can find items as specialized as your friends. The literary scarf is perfect for the fashion-minded bookworm.

Find more gift ideas for friends here.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Uncommon Goods
1. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map 2. Custom Soundwave Necklace 3. Relative Time Custom Clock 4. Personalized Record Doormat 5. Personalized Congratulations Candle 6. Personalized Anniversary Journal

When I hear “personalized gifts,” I think of random things with one’s name on it. Kind of the opposite of personalized to me, TBH!  I guess it’s one thing if it’s Secret Santa, but these pieces are customizable to a recipient’s liking.

See Personalized Gifts on this page.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers
1. Inspirational Pencil Set 2. Novel Teas 3. Cantankerous Cats Card Game
4. Bag of Coal Soaps 5. Travel Stub Diary 6. Heirloom Veggie Seed Kit

Another plus to the site is that they offer gifts in all price ranges. So if you’re more budget-conscious, check out their Stocking Stuffer Guide which offers this great coal soap just in case you have to get a gift for someone that you don’t think deserves it!

Check out the Stocking Stuffer Guide.

Had you heard of Uncommon Goods? Are you adding anything to your cart?
Thanks for reading!