Offset Holiday Costs with SurveySavvy

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Hello buds, are you celebrating a holiday this week?

I’m not a big Thanksgiving person, but it does seem to be getting more festive as people are putting up wreaths and lights, so I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet. Whether you’re eating turkey tomorrow, celebrating something soon, or supporting Native American Heritage Month, it may very well require the green stuff. No, not a needle-y tree or spearmint; I’m talking about money. If you’re looking for some extra dough this holiday season, consider survey site SurveySavvy.

SurveySavvy is probably among one of the panels I’ve used with the least amount of bells and whistles. They have surveys and that’s pretty much it. And they don’t e-mail nearly as much as other sites. It could very well depend on your demographics (age, gender, race, income, etc), but according to my e-mail records, they sent me notices about 15 times a month or less.

Invitations do tend to say how much they’re worth (mine were usually $1- $5), but keep in mind that you may not qualify for every one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they keep track of your history so that you can see how many surveys you’ve taken, didn’t qualify for, and how much you earned like on other sites like Opinion Outpost. I doubt that they don’t reward you appropriately, but it just seems more transparent.

Survey Savvy logo

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think that SurveySavvy’s surveys were particularly “fun.” Some panels ask about tv shows, but I believe their questions were more about your household appliances. Additionally, they do have a referral and other programs where you can download tracking software on your connected devices for larger amounts of money. Their site says they do accept people across the world. They pay by check.

To be honest, I will probably delete my account after this season. I’ve so many things going on, the questions aren’t particularly relevant to me, so it just ends up taking up time that I don’t feel is worth it. However, if you are looking for a just-a-once-in-a-while hobby, this may be more suited for you.

P.S.- Support the Tsleil Waututh tribe for updates on the Kinder Morgan pipeline!

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