Las Vegas Travel Tips Pin

Travel Tips!

Hello readers, have you been bitten by the travel bug?

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As I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to hitch a ride for a last minute trip to Las Vegas with Julie a few weeks ago. Last minute for me anyway. I’m sure she’ll be blogging about it with much better pictures, so follow her or I’ll tell you when those posts are up!

I don’t think I’ve traveled, by plane at least, in over 10 years! So while that was certainly post-September 11th, 2001, and we had to take off our shoes and my brother’s Beyblade was confiscated, I’ve missed the mandatory travel sized liquids and other implementations until now. If you’re like me and maybe haven’t traveled since you were a kid and are anxious about being unprepared, let me help alleviate some of that worry.

Las Vegas Travel Tips Pin

Airport Tips

First, make sure you look up your airline’s luggage size rules, what you are/aren’t allowed to bring, and any other rules like those liquids! Next, have your tickets and ID easily accessible. Obviously, don’t keep them buried in larger carry-on, but you will be asked for them several times: before security screening, at screening, and before boarding.

Lastly, the security screenings are all rather automated now, aren’t they? It’s like queueing up for depressing retail. Anyway, you all line up; put your carry-on(s), shoes, belts, coats, and quart-sized, resealable bag with your travel-sized liquids in the buckets that go through the machine. Note- just go through the radiation machine. Nobody is going to tell you when or when to put your hands up, so just go ahead, lol.

Planning/Travel Consideration

If you are creating a trip mainly for yourself or with someone that’s pretty cool with everything, you can can be lenient with your plans. But if it’s a gathering of people, you should consider the types of activities if everyone’s going to be doing them.

Not everyone may want to participate in some kind of stage show and not everyone may want to go to a history museum. Heck, some may want to but may not want to pay a certain price! It may be a little extra step, but I’d think it’s worth it to have people comfortable and want to have fun on vacation!

Las Vegas Mountains
Coming from flat as frick Florida, mountains are very exciting.

A few more I just thought of!

1. You are allowed to bring vitamins, supplements, and medications in carry-ons, so I’d definitely recommend bringing Aspirin or Dramamine.
2. Uber has really grown since I’ve traveled! I didn’t notice one at our airport, but the Las Vegas one did have a specific spot for rideshare pick-up.
3. If you are only packing carry-on and plan on getting souvenirs, be sure you can fit them!

So that’s what I’ve learned on my out-of-town weekend. I don’t really get that wanderlust that others claim, but I have to admit, I’m… considering smaller trips. Maybe to neighboring towns. 😜 And I’m looking into taking (the cheaper) bus to them! So that could be a whole other new experience that I look forward to sharing.

September 2017 Empties

September Empties
This post contains affiliate links.

Hello comrades! Apologies for being missing but I took an unexpected trip! I haven’t traveled in 10 years, so it was a great opportunity. Perhaps I will post about it, but I’m playing catch up, so here’s my next empties post. It’s been a couple of months, but I’m still a little surprised that I’ve used up enough products for it. But it is also a relief to finish and be able to get rid of them.

Assured Witch Hazel

I first sought out witch hazel because I think I saw people using it as a toner and thought it’d be a great follow-up after trying coconut oil as a makeup remover. It’s also an astringent, so hopefully I could also use it to clean my makeup rather than have another bottle for rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, I can’t really judge the oil + toner treatment at the moment, or the specificity of this Assured brand. It seems like witch hazel should be witch hazel, right? The only problem is that it’s a pretty small bottle, so you might just want to spend the extra $2 to get a bigger bottle from Walmart.

e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer

I used to be a lot more enthusiastic about this lightweight item. It’s a moisturizer and has SPF! But my skin has been freaking out lately, so it just hasn’t provided as much coverage as I want. It’s actually (finally!) getting cooler now, so I shouldn’t need SPF, right? I just read an article that said SPF 20 isn’t enough anyway 😦 And this stuff always smells like butter, so hopefully, I’ll find a substitute by next summer.

CoverGirl Aqua Smoothers Foundation

Is this an old product? I can’t really find a modern review. Maybe it just seems like I’ve had it forever because I got 2 when I more into couponing and got them on sale. Like the e.l.f. moisturizer, I liked this more when I first got it. I think it has light/medium coverage and matched my skin tone pretty well (I got 730 Classic Beige). But it is for cooler undertones. Reviewers with acne seem to like it, and it claims to hydrate for 11 hours, but I would only recommend if you find it on sale too.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

I don’t want to say I was disappointed by this product, but… I feel like I used it twice, and then it broke! The brown color was very beautiful, and it comes with a sharpener on the end, so if you’re good at eyeliner, I’d say go for it. I am just going to have to try a felt tip.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation

This was also on sale! It’s usually $11, and I got it for $4! I have to say, everything in its name is true; I wasn’t expecting how liquid it is. I thought it must’ve melted or something, and that’s why it was only $4 😅 This was the opposite of the usual, thicker liquid foundations: I didn’t like this at first and ended up loving it! It feels so sheer and light while still giving good coverage.

I don’t remember if the shade I bought matched my exact tones, but since it is kind of like a foundation and powder in one, it’s hard to blend after putting it on. Redness may be easily covered, but any sort of texture problems will still be there. Since it is so fluid, I’m not sure if this will be good for dry skin.

These items weren’t as much as a bust as my last empties, but I’m still glad to be done with them. It’s like how I’ve started Twin Peaks, but I’m finding it really boring, but I’m also not a quitter? LOL. It will be fun to find new foundation and eyeliner. But I’ve been mixing foundation and moisturizer, sometimes with concealer and contour. Is this an acceptable substitute for BB/CC cream? Maybe in the summer, I can throw in some sunscreen!