Travel Tag

Oh my, I don’t know why itsmudges would tag me for for a travel meme, but I do appreciate it! I just haven’t traveled in 10 years, haha. Well, traveled any place more than like, an hour away. As cool as bloggers’ photos look and how amazing it must be, I don’t get that feeling of, “I must go there!” that you sojourners must. Not that I’ve no interest … Continue reading Travel Tag


What I Learned: Cat Adoption

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the newest addition to our household- a little cat named Charlie! My brother took his cat after his wedding, and after taking care of T for 2 years, essentially since he was kitten, I obviously miss him dearly. But I always knew it was a possibility and is perhaps just something better to acknowledge that is out of … Continue reading What I Learned: Cat Adoption