Last Minute Hippie Costume Idea

Have y’all been watching Ken Burns’s The Vietnam War? I knew his documentaries had a reputation for being long, but 10 parts? And it’s so dense. It’s weird to hear music from The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo against scenes of war when I know the scene from the former is rather salacious.

We were supposed to go a “Hippie Fest” a couple of weeks ago, but it was when we ended up having out-of-state visitors. It looked like a complete tourist event, so of course, my ridiculous self figures, “How are you going to completely defang people who rallied against war and The Man, man?” and wanted a look that was a little more subversive.

Hippie Look

Go to a thrift shop and look for an oversized, long-sleeved top that’s the olive or military green color. I had a shirt in high school, but must have given it back to the shop, so I had to get this windbreaker 😅 For as long as I have been intrigued by hippies, I’ve only just Googled why they wore fatigues. The first forum said it was to send a message especially from veterans.


Again, just get a plain white v-neck. This was less than $1. Scribble “U.S. Out of Everywhere,” or some other slogan with a Sharpie. If you don’t already have moto boots, they might be your one splurge. I don’t like spending on costumes either, but they’re a good investment. Oddly, I don’t like shoe shopping at thrift shops, but something like Poshmark is okay.


Choose your bottoms, tie a scarf around your head, attach a patch, or pair with a fringe bag! This was last minute for the festival (to which we didn’t even end up going), so you may have plenty of time to find a flowing floral skirt or tie-dyes for Halloween. That look may be more associated with hippies, but if you’ve seen the documentaries or even Mad Men, you’ve seen the college kids rocking sweater vests.

Whatever your interpretation is, advocating for issues associated with the time period will be the cherry on top of your groovy threads. Everything is connected… dude.  Hopefully caring for your fellow man is not just a costume to be abandoned for mercenary interest ✌️

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