Hair Chalk!

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I’ve never really dyed my hair, but that doesn’t mean I don’t often wonder what I’d look like with different colors. As a brunette, going lighter and bleaching can be a hassle and cause for damage concern. Wigs can be a quick and easy, but what am I going to do with it after spending on it? This is why hair chalk was so appealing. I can color my hair– quite like one would color with blackboard chalk– for a temporary hue. And good news for fellow brunettes: bleaching isn’t needed!

hair chalk set

Since I was just trying it, I got a cheap little set from eBay. The pieces are shaped like blackboard chalk, although there are some that come in combs and other forms. The box says they’re non-toxic, but I don’t see an ingredient list. But that would probably be required if you buy from somewhere like Target or Ulta.

I don’t think it came with any instructions, but from the eBay listing and other bloggers, I gathered you apply to wet hair. This is not the most pleasant experience. It’s like backcombing. And the color gets all. over. the. place. I suppose this is like other boxed dyes, but at least this comes out super easy (just soap and water, really).

Pink Hair Chalk applied
Pink chalk applied

I don’t know why I was looking at sets with like, 30 pieces when I was really only interested in warm tones 😅 As you can see, the color is actually noticeable without some kind of lightening step. However, I do feel like it made my hair look like a mess– cakey, dry, and frizzy. 

Blond Hair Chalk
Yellow/blond hair chalk applied

Oddly, I felt like the yellow chalk came off more piecey or a little chunky. And that it just kind of made me look like I had split ends. 

You’re supposed to set the color with an iron, but I think I tried it before and if there are little chunks, that definitely “sets.” Additionally, the condition of my hair after rubbing a stick on it doesn’t really inspire me to damage it more. I suppose you can use any variety of product or maybe something like a bristle brush to smooth it out, but I didn’t really need the color to stay in too long.

Combed Pink Hair
Combed pink chalk

Once combed, it looks less sticky, but it already looks a little faded.

Combed yellow hair chalk
Combed yellow chalk

These actually kind of look like DIY highlights, but I also feel like they look a little green.

These chalks are a heck of mess. They get on your hands, clothes, comb, camera if you’re talking pictures, and pillow if you don’t set or wash out, I guess. But they sure are fun. I really like how the pink looks in my hair, and even the yellow has a summer feel when combed.

They probably don’t solve the problem if you’re wondering about dying your whole head but are a great option for Halloween! I think I’m going to at least try the orange and would definitely recommend the idea if not this specific item. Splat seems to be a popular brand with easier application and many colors.

What do you recommend for frizziness? ❤

6 thoughts on “Hair Chalk!

  1. I’d tried these chalks once because I my parents won’t allow me to dye my hair, but these turned out to be a huge mess. Lol. But that was fun.
    Btw that pink color looks good on you 😍

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