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Last Minute Hippie Costume Idea

Have y’all been watching Ken Burns’s The Vietnam War? I knew his documentaries had a reputation for being long, but 10 parts? And it’s so dense. It’s weird to hear music from The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo against scenes of war when I know the scene from the former is rather salacious.

We were supposed to go a “Hippie Fest” a couple of weeks ago, but it was when we ended up having out-of-state visitors. It looked like a complete tourist event, so of course, my ridiculous self figures, “How are you going to completely defang people who rallied against war and The Man, man?” and wanted a look that was a little more subversive.

Hippie Look

Go to a thrift shop and look for an oversized, long-sleeved top that’s the olive or military green color. I had a shirt in high school, but must have given it back to the shop, so I had to get this windbreaker 😅 For as long as I have been intrigued by hippies, I’ve only just Googled why they wore fatigues. The first forum said it was to send a message especially from veterans.


Again, just get a plain white v-neck. This was less than $1. Scribble “U.S. Out of Everywhere,” or some other slogan with a Sharpie. If you don’t already have moto boots, they might be your one splurge. I don’t like spending on costumes either, but they’re a good investment. Oddly, I don’t like shoe shopping at thrift shops, but something like Poshmark is okay.


Choose your bottoms, tie a scarf around your head, attach a patch, or pair with a fringe bag! This was last minute for the festival (to which we didn’t even end up going), so you may have plenty of time to find a flowing floral skirt or tie-dyes for Halloween. That look may be more associated with hippies, but if you’ve seen the documentaries or even Mad Men, you’ve seen the college kids rocking sweater vests.

Whatever your interpretation is, advocating for issues associated with the time period will be the cherry on top of your groovy threads. Everything is connected… dude.  Hopefully caring for your fellow man is not just a costume to be abandoned for mercenary interest ✌️

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was an incredibly intense and large storm that broke all kinds of records. Some people may envy the year-long warm weather and sunshine of tropical regions, but it does have a price. I’ve lived in Florida all my life and have dealt with my fair share of hurricanes, but this is the first time that I’ve ever went 3 days without power. And we were extremely lucky.

So I would like to take this post to help you make sure that you’re ready for disasters. Obviously, they vary depending on where one lives and how much time available to actually prepare. However, it never hurts to keep these things in mind. I’m at an age where we’re considering housing and we all want that Instagram look. Around here, that might be living right on the coast which means flooding. Because of Irma, I learned that roofs are made to sustain certain amounts of wind.

hurricane supples

Hurricanes may be much larger than tornadoes, but there is much more time to prepare for them. We were not told to evacuate, but I was still a bit panicked about where my mother and her cat would go if we had to leave. Gridlock and supply shortage are great motivators for making sure you know your danger zones beforehand and to have a kit and plan. Common disaster supplies include batteries, flashlights, a first aid kit, food and water, and important documents.

Although we did buy some non-perishables, we didn’t anticipate the power being out for 70 hours (I’d a friend who had to wait 90!). So we ended up having to throw away pretty much everything in the fridge. Perhaps it would’ve lasted a little longer if we’d frozen ziploc bags of water… 

Irma passed us the evening of the 10th. I went to get gas Wednesday and there were only few pumps available. I’m writing this on the following Sunday, and my dad said grocery shelves are still empty. But we are still very lucky to just have tree limbs everywhere. Miami saw massive flooding and parts of the Caribbean are devastated. If you’re able to donate, I would highly recommend smaller groups that are directly involved in communities rather than something like the Red Cross, where donations often get lost in such a large organization. 

In either case, pressure your representatives to act on climate change!

Hurricane Irma Relief

The Refuge
Helped homeless and other marginalized people during and after the storm.

Tampa Humane Society
Evacuated shelter animals and assisted pet owners.

Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Immokalee and Southwest Florida farmworker communities that often live in poverty.

The Miami Foundation
Caribbean Strong relief fund that supports small island nations and territories.

Thanks for reading and your action. ❤

Hair Chalk!

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I’ve never really dyed my hair, but that doesn’t mean I don’t often wonder what I’d look like with different colors. As a brunette, going lighter and bleaching can be a hassle and cause for damage concern. Wigs can be a quick and easy, but what am I going to do with it after spending on it? This is why hair chalk was so appealing. I can color my hair– quite like one would color with blackboard chalk– for a temporary hue. And good news for fellow brunettes: bleaching isn’t needed!

hair chalk set

Since I was just trying it, I got a cheap little set from eBay. The pieces are shaped like blackboard chalk, although there are some that come in combs and other forms. The box says they’re non-toxic, but I don’t see an ingredient list. But that would probably be required if you buy from somewhere like Target or Ulta.

I don’t think it came with any instructions, but from the eBay listing and other bloggers, I gathered you apply to wet hair. This is not the most pleasant experience. It’s like backcombing. And the color gets all. over. the. place. I suppose this is like other boxed dyes, but at least this comes out super easy (just soap and water, really).

Pink Hair Chalk applied
Pink chalk applied

I don’t know why I was looking at sets with like, 30 pieces when I was really only interested in warm tones 😅 As you can see, the color is actually noticeable without some kind of lightening step. However, I do feel like it made my hair look like a mess– cakey, dry, and frizzy. 

Blond Hair Chalk
Yellow/blond hair chalk applied

Oddly, I felt like the yellow chalk came off more piecey or a little chunky. And that it just kind of made me look like I had split ends. 

You’re supposed to set the color with an iron, but I think I tried it before and if there are little chunks, that definitely “sets.” Additionally, the condition of my hair after rubbing a stick on it doesn’t really inspire me to damage it more. I suppose you can use any variety of product or maybe something like a bristle brush to smooth it out, but I didn’t really need the color to stay in too long.

Combed Pink Hair
Combed pink chalk

Once combed, it looks less sticky, but it already looks a little faded.

Combed yellow hair chalk
Combed yellow chalk

These actually kind of look like DIY highlights, but I also feel like they look a little green.

These chalks are a heck of mess. They get on your hands, clothes, comb, camera if you’re talking pictures, and pillow if you don’t set or wash out, I guess. But they sure are fun. I really like how the pink looks in my hair, and even the yellow has a summer feel when combed.

They probably don’t solve the problem if you’re wondering about dying your whole head but are a great option for Halloween! I think I’m going to at least try the orange and would definitely recommend the idea if not this specific item. Splat seems to be a popular brand with easier application and many colors.

What do you recommend for frizziness? ❤