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So I was originally going to blog about prison labor and companies to avoid, but since writing my Beauty Bakerie post, I’ve been reminded that there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism (hard to trace every factor of a product) and trickle-down economics don’t work. Furthermore, the companies benefiting from what’s being called slavery are the usual suspects like Walmart which may be difficult for poor people to boycott. Some say such protests are more about optics and energies should be put towards laws. 

TBH, I’m not sure about that given money’s influence in politics. Regardless, with tremendous racial wealth inequality and the recent pardon of noted goblin Arpaio, who was not only repeatedly found guilty of racially profiling Latinos but also ran abusive jails and quit investigating sex crimes (amongst many other things), I think we throw some support to the community! Here are some things I’m pinning and adding to my wishlist!


Cultura Corazon

How cute are these prickly pear earrings? You can find them and a variety of jewelry and pins at Cultura Corazon which features icons like Frida Kahlo.


Oh Comadre

It’s a bit refreshing when a shop specializes in one thing, and for Oh Comadre, that thing is the most special soy candles you’ve ever seen. Scent names include: ChurroMi Nuvio, Hot Chisme, and La Novela. I really hope she restocks Rainbow & Unicorn!


mudShop Naturals

Did you think I could window shop without looking at some mud masks? mudShop Naturals offers a handful of sophisticated body products like scrubs, salts, and balms. I find this mask interesting because it has matcha tea, but they also have Hemp Seed Facial Serum. Apparently it’s good for anti-aging!



Mercado El Catrin

El Catrin probably has the widest mercado in this post with products ranging from jewelry and apparel to balloons! They have really cute little pins/buttons for only $1, and soap that’s supposed to smell like chocolate… omg…


Hija de tu Madre

Hija is definitely more of a boutique with amazing sequined denim jackets that run about $80 (they have a really cool rooster one that makes me wish I was a kid!). But they do have more affordable items and are currently having a crop top and purse sale! Check out this watermelon bag!

All of these were found via the Instagram account @ShopLatinx which features small businesses owned by Latinx of all gender identities (hence the “x” rather than Latino/Latina). They’ve since expanded to a website!

I would definitely recommend a follow. And if you do prioritize legislation, check out how to defend youth and families from deportation.

3 thoughts on “Shop Latinx Wishlist!

  1. I love this and thanks for introducing all these! I went ahead and did a follow on their account as well since I love to support entrepreneurs as well ❤

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