Summer Nail Colors

summer nail colors
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When I published my Spring Nails post, I was actually going to write 3 of them– we see how that turned out! Since some of the colors overlap, I reworked them to give summer nail color ideas from my (and mom’s) polish collection. This time, I’m a little more realistic about how much I’ll post. 😅

Let’s Talk & Purple Pizzazz Frost

nyc purple pizzazz sinful colors let's talk

These two purples were pretty similar, so I just included them both. I don’t know if the NYC shade, “Purple Pizzazz Frost,” is old, but for some reason, when I put on the first coat, it was almost like a different lighter plum color. Unfortunately, I’m not a master magician nail painter, so it does take another layer to be even and oddly, a darker color. The Sinful Colors shade is called “Let’s Talk” and is a chrome purple.

Blue Eyed Gal, Mango Madness, Gold Medal

blue orange gold nail polish

Don’t feel like you have to wear your polish in the experimental way that I was trying to show off the colors! I’ve heard that copper was supposed to be the shade of the season, but gold and orange are the closest I had. Specifically, elf’s orange “Mango Madness” and Sinful Colors’s “Gold Medal.” I feel like Rimmel’s “Blue Eyed Gal” clashes with my warm undertones, but I love the way it looks with the gold.

Perhaps another red or yellow would’ve made this collection shout “summer” more, but I like the tropical sense from the blue and orange and balance from the purples. I don’t usually go for the hot colors, so I’m glad I tried the orange (even though I don’t think mangoes are this color!).

What have been your summer nail colors?

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9 thoughts on “Summer Nail Colors

  1. I love that purple one! I love rocking baby pinks, blues and greens in the summer time 😁

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