Stripes and Florals

Leopard Sunglasses

I’ve been trying to be more blogger-y lately– participating in Twitter chats, thinking about doing Instagram stories, and documenting everything. So here I am at the car dealership with some complimentary chips that I’m sure as heck going to take if everything is wrong with my car.

Striped top

I chickened out of taking pictures there. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I want to develop my wardrobe to have a style. I’d want an edgy look but also have practical pieces. But I don’t have the money for that right now! So I’m going to try to make outfits from my current closet until then. This is a Forever 21 blouse I love that I found at a thrift shop.

Canvas Shoes

It is honestly impossible to wear pants right now because of the heat, but I also have a hard time finding bottoms that fit everywhere. These denim Old Navy shorts are second-hand as well, bought from ThredUp. They fit in the waist but are too big and long for my thighs. Canvas shoes are so versatile and this pair from Target was affordable too!

Stripes Florals Spring
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Valentino Silk Blouse | F21 Top | Keds Shoes | Old Navy Shorts | Cat Eye Sunglasses Modcloth Socks | Fringe Bucket

What do you think? Do you put the time into social media or focus on the blog? Maybe I’ll post a story of my face after getting my bill. 😝 

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6 thoughts on “Stripes and Florals

  1. I have a hard time finding bottoms that fit everywhere too! They’re either too big in the waist but fit my thighs/butt or just right in the waist and too small on the butt lol.

    I don’t do any social media stuff to promote my blog but I know a lot of bloggers do! I imagine it’s a great way of growing your readers if that’s what you want to do! In many ways, I think twitter and instagram are easier than a blog!

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