CeraVe Cleanser + Cream

Cream CleanserSince I’ve been blogging about masks with natural ingredients and my not-so-natural usual cleanser was running low, I thought about getting something new. But I totally ran out before I found something, so I’m using these cute little samples I got from CeraVe!

First of all, this may be irrelevant, but I appreciate the packaging and size. They came in a perfectly sized box and mesh pouch with coupons! You ever get samples that are a postcard and a little peel-off pocket? These aren’t even as big as a retail trial size, but I think they still provide enough to get a feel for the product.

CeraVe Cleanser

The Hydrating Cleanser says that it hydrates as it cleanses. It looks kind of just like a body wash, but I guess depending on washes, I’d say its consistency is more like a hair conditioner. When you put it on, it doesn’t lather at all, but that wasn’t much of a problem for me.

The Moisturizing Cream looks and feels pretty much like what you’d expect of a cream. It’s actually thicker than my usual facial moisturizer and body lotions. It says it moisturizes, restores, and maintains protective skin barrier.

Both the cleanser and cream say they’re for dry to normal skin. CeraVe says their products have MVE Delivery Technology, hyaluronic acid, and are non-comedogenic. I haven’t heard or researched much about MVE, but apparently it’s Multivesicular Emulsion which CeraVe’s process allows the product to repair the skin barrier and continue working after application.

Moisturizing CreamI think that all of CeraVe’s talk is definitely backed up. I do not get the dry patches I get sometimes with these products. And I think that it helps calm some acne redness. I’m moisturized and not oily.

One thing I did not like is that I did have some acne near my chin that I messed with, and I felt like the products made that skin feel harder? I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s like the product didn’t affect that area, so it didn’t look very pretty under makeup! Another thing is the smell. CeraVe is more than what I usually pay but is still in a drugstore range, but you’re definitely paying for the technology and not natural ingredients or fun scents lol. It’s not a bad smell, but maybe kind of medical?

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Before I started blogging, I would just buy and use things, so I never really considered my skin type or if it’s what I need. Seeing how well these products worked for me is great because now I can see if having dry skin is my baseline and if I should focus on hydration rather than just a general acne wash that didn’t really do much anyway.


One thought on “CeraVe Cleanser + Cream

  1. I have that little cream sample too! I find it pretty nice! I think it’s good for when you want just a simple moisturizing cream with no frills!

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