What I Hate… Right Now

A while ago, Julie wrote a post about what was annoying her at the moment, and I think I’m going to have to borrow the idea. She had a list of things, but I’m going to rant about different types of one thing: those little, cutesy, Pinterest-able phrases.
Now, if “Just keep swimming” or whatever honestly motivates you, fine. My problem is when these simplistic sayings are applied to people, politics, or other complex situations. “Just keep swimming!” I’m… I’m on land…? “Keep on!” I’m dry, I’m- “GIVE ME 15 LAPS!!”
  • “If the president is the pilot, I’m not going to root for him to crash!”
This was a particularly fun meme going around Facebook earlier this year that conveniently overlooks everything an administration is doing to oppress women, poor people, Muslims, LGBT people, Latinx people, children… If your piloting is harming people, people are going to try to prevent you from piloting!!
  • “You’re not a tree, you don’t have roots! If you don’t like it, you can move!”
This is incredibly privileged and ridiculous on many levels. First of all, I can’t. I can not financially or mentally afford to upend my whole life. I’m sure thousands can’t. Second, even if I could afford it, people do have roots. They have family, friends, memories, obligations. It’s very insulting to insinuate that these people aren’t in fact, human, with such relations and responsibilities. Are they supposed to move too?
And talk about hypocritical. People are trying to move here because they can’t afford to not, and we won’t let them! Third, why should people have to move just because someone thinks they shouldn’t be able to criticize the arguably most powerful person in the world? Everyone needs to be held accountable regardless of title.
  • “Good vibes only”
Maybe it’s my astrological sign, but I must love staying heated. I don’t really mind if this one’s your Self Care Day mantra or what have you, but I feel like people use it to block out any critical discussion at all. Whether about a celebrity or politics, I find it indulgent and reminiscent of people who want to “respect different opinions” so much that they use it as an excuse for bigotry. Let me self care myself to sleep with that nonsense!!
I think I’ve become an expert at recognizing people I need to avoid lol, so I’m pretty good at preventing my blood pressure from getting too high and don’t get too angry. Fortunately, writing is a great way to get all those emotions out. And hopefully it’ll be a good time before I’ve seen so many easy-way-out opinion graphics that I need to take it out on my poor blog!


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