St. Pete Earth Day

This past weekend was Earth Day and thousands marched for science. One of the celebrations in my neck of the woods was a free concert at Williams Park.Earth Day Stage
Williams Park is actually where I attended an event raising awareness for the criminalization of homelessness a couple of years ago. It’s a small place compared to other parks in the area, but right in the middle of downtown St. Petersburg. I am from Tampa, but downtown St. Pete honestly has so much more nightlife and culture.
St. Pete Sculpture
Even their pathways from the parking garage are decorative. Tampa just has alleys lmao.
There were also a bunch of vendors, food trucks, and other groups there. Whenever I go to events like these, I never know what to say to these people. Like: “Cool to know of your existence! Byeee!”
In the Middle Food
My mother and I got food from In the Middle Mediterranean food truck. I’d never eaten from a food truck before, and I gotta go with Bob Belcher: “There’s no sitting area. There’s no bathroom.” It was a bit rainy and windy, so everything was blowing around!
I got a grilled chicken shawarma pita. I don’t remember what my mom got, but it was something with cheese. I liked her order more because the cheese and sour cream had more flavor, but the pita was good. It was a little more than I was expecting to pay (perhaps normal for food trucks?), but maybe that was event pricing. And the portions were pretty big. We ended up splitting the cheese dish and saving the shawarma for later.
Earth Day concert
It was a fun event where people could bring their pups, hula hoop, dance, juggle, and blow really big bubbles. However, it’s a bit shit to celebrate or save the Earth but threaten to arrest peace activists. The U.S. military (which spends more than the next 7 countries’ forces combined) is a major consumer of fuels that create greenhouse gases.
This weekend there are marches against climate change! I’ve no idea if I’m going. Are you?


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