Spring Nails

Spring Nails

In effort to try to update some of my older posts, I wanted to share some of my nail polishes but didn’t to just post them randomly. I noticed most of them are actually pretty bright, so why not a spring theme? Easter’s just past (hope everyone had a lovely one!), and these colors work well!

This batch is Revlon’s purple Impulsive, e.l.f.’s Mint Cream, and a light pink from Charlotte Russe’s brand, love, Charlotte.

Easter Polish

I used my mom for a hand model and told her she looked like an Easter egg. 😉 As you may be able to see, the e.l.f. polish says that it’s free from toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. The Revlon polish is also free from toluene and DBP.

When it comes to application, the Charlotte Russe is my least favorite because the brush is long and skinny and more prone to show streaks. E.l.f.’s brush is short and spreads well, and Revlon is somewhere in the middle. However, I’m not sure if it was this polish or another e.l.f. bottle I had where the brush fell out of the actual top part.

Nail Stickers

We also tried out some nail stickers that I received in a gift a while ago. Unfortunately, perhaps we waited too long because they did not stick even with a top coat.

All polishes retailed under $10, although you might have a hard time finding them now. I did find the Revlon on Walmart’s website. If you like similar colors, might I suggest Sally Hansen’s Mint Sorbet and Petal Pusher?

Do you have any similar colors?

Spring Nails

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