This post contains affiliate links.

Hello comrades, I think I’m going to start updating some of my posts from when I first started blogging. It’s a tip I’ve seen people suggest, but I’m not sure if you’re supposed to write whole new posts or just revise the old one. Do you reshare it or do both and link them? If you update old posts, let me know what you do!

One thing I want to organize and post more about is my Money tag/category. I’m not reeling in the big bucks from blogging, so unfortunately, I can’t teach you how to convert your readers into conversions or something, but I can share my experiences with services that I have used like survey sites and apps Poshmark.

This post is obviously about Ebates. You may have seen their tv commercials where a lady claims to have made $900. Well, unless you’re making tons of online purchases, it will probably take you awhile to earn $100.

I’ve tried to explain the site to my dad but didn’t use the terms “affiliate link,” and he didn’t quite understand. But perhaps if you blog, you already do. When you click on certain people’s links, there’s code in them that let an advertiser know who sent a customer. That’s how they can determine how much to pay an affiliate.

Ebates can receive that commission from over 2000 stores if you use their links. Why should you do that? Because they give a percentage of it back to you! Granted, it’s usually been about 2% for me, but perhaps you’re able to shop at higher-end places where 2% is more. Plus, 2% of anything is pretty welcome, in my opinion.

You can search their website to see if your favorite store is listed, or what I like to do is use their “Cash Back button” browser extension that lets you know if a store is eligible whenever you visit a site. All you have to do is click “Activate” when you’re ready to purchase. Your browser will redirect through a coded link so that Ebates know how much and what you purchased (sometimes, only certain things from a site are eligible).

Ebates has other services like credit cards, a mobile app, and their own referral program. One thing you may not like is that they only pay every 3 months and only if you’ve earned over $5. Thankfully, anything under $5 just rolls over to their next time frame. You can choose to be paid through check, Paypal, or make a donation.

Overall, I’ve had a pretty good experience with the website. I’m not sure if you can use it everywhere, but their About page says they have customers around the globe, and they have partner sites for a few countries like China and Canada.

It is free to use and sign up for, and you can even earn a credit for signing up (it now says cash bonus, but I had a gift card. Maybe you can choose). It does say that you have to make a $25 purchase with 3 months to get that credit, so maybe join when you know you have to buy something. Happy shopping!

Have you tried Ebates?


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