Spring Wishlist

Is it just me or is it easier to spend money when you don’t have it? LOL. Or at least daydream about spending it. Then when I get money, I really got to prioritize what I actually want to spend it on…

Now that I have a little birthday money, I have the chance to buy something fun, but I do have to figure out which things make the cut. So I thought making a list/post would help me organize and possibly get some feedback.

Jeremy Scahill books

Jeremy Scahill books

One time, I was killing time at the library and thought, “Why don’t I see if they have a Jeremy Scahill book?” They did, I saw how long it was, chuckled to myself, and never spoke of it again. Perhaps if I had my own copy to mark up, I could read it.

eye patch
que bella mask

eye patches

I’ve somehow acquired a ton of facial masks! But I haven’t tried ones for the eye area. And I definitely need something for my dark circles.

garden mix
EcoScraps potting soil


I’ve also acquired a few packets of flower seeds. I was considering making a compost pile, but apparently it takes months to become soil. I’d really like to plant for spring.

sensodyne pronamel


I usually just use the Colgate or Crest laying around but like oral care that replenishes.

aveeno shampoo
aveeno shampoo

protein shampoo

Likewise for hair!

cat eye sunglasses
H&M sunglasses


I already have 2 pairs of sunglasses that I don’t even really use. But I can’t help eyeing these kind of cat eye shaped glasses or the rainbow tinted shades. Should I get them?

bb cream
e.l.f. bb cream

bb cream

I’m all out! Has anyone tried e.l.f.’s?

Is there anything else I should try? Thanks for reading!

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