Happy Birthday to Me!


Kiss wall art

Since one of my best pals had her first baby– plus general adulting– it can be tough to get away for some girl time. So it was decided that we should at least have a lunch every month. I got to choose the venue this weekend since it’s my birthday month. And while the girls love a certain chain restaurant, I need variety.

I chose Taqueria Emanuel since it’s pretty close to where we usually eat, and because I’ve been dying to try this infamous horchata. Also because Wikipedia compares Filipino longaniza to chorizo, and I wanted to judge for myself.

Taqueria Emanuel is a small place with just a front room for a few tables, but the food and service is great, so what more do you need? I got papa con chorizo, my friends got tostadas and campechanos, and we ordered enough to share with each other.

Campechanos, papa con chorizo, tostada

Campechanos has pico de gallo which I guess makes it spicy if you’re not used to it! The menu said the papa con chorizo was also supposed to be spicy, but I feel like I tasted more of the potatoes. I loved the tostadas and was honestly a little sad I was too full to finish mine!

If you’re in the Tampa area, I definitely recommend them. I’m ready to try the sopes and taco Hawaiiano. Be sure to look for them on any of those foodie services like Groupon or their website for discounts!

During our outing, we were able to exchange birthday presents as well, so here’s a look at what I got.

birthday presents

In addition to these very cute, pink candle, masks and clipboard, I was also given a (pink) lip balm, ceramic travel mug, and another floral scented candle. 😊

I’m so glad we got to try something new and that my friends were pleased too! What kind of food should I try next, Ethiopian or Lebanese?


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