Power to the People

Happy Black History Month! I’m know I’m posting this on its last day and obviously we shouldn’t restrict educating ourselves and celebrating once a year, but I wanted to get this in because we have this designation. Sharing and learning the often overlooked and erased contributions of a people is the whole point of this month!

I won a giveaway from Goodreads a couple of months ago for Power to the People: The World of the Black Panthers. I wanted to read it because I didn’t know much about the Black Panthers but had heard they started the Free Breakfast for Children Program.

I’m no where near finished, so I can’t say, “Here are my favorite passages” or even that I 100% agree or will agree in the future with these messages but just wanted to share some interesting quotes so far.

“The NRA wanted us arrested for carrying guns back in those days.” – Bobby Seale, Founder

“… one time, I’m at a rally… Somebody whispers in my ear, ‘The guy in the Hawaiian shirt is some kind of agent… That reporter was telling me to tell you.’ I go on to speak for 10 minutes. I say, ‘… you with the Hawaiian shirt. Are you some kind of police provocateur?’… Somebody behind him pushed him… Then it dawned on me. I say, ‘Don’t touch him!’

The reporter– I found out later he was an FBI agent. Where did I see him next? It was months later, when I got arrested. I was in the car– who’s in the front passenger seat?” – Bobby Seale

“We don’t glorify violence. We don’t glorify weapons. We don’t glorify gun culture. But we do not believe in unconditional pacifism. We advocate our right to defend ourselves.” – Khalid Raheem

“Guns were important as symbols of defense and resistance… People of color are asked to endure. We are expected to be better people, and for the most part, we are. White people can be human. React as human, make human mistakes, and fight back as humans. Even as children, we must be the responsible, empathetic, and forgiving party.” – Gloria Abernethy


What have you learned this month? 🙂

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