What I Learned: Cat Adoption


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the newest addition to our household- a little cat named Charlie! My brother took his cat after his wedding, and after taking care of T for 2 years, essentially since he was kitten, I obviously miss him dearly. But I always knew it was a possibility and is perhaps just something better to acknowledge that is out of my control, healthily miss him, and not think about it too much.

I really didn’t think I was “ready” for another cat. It felt like we’d be replacing T, and my dad wanted a kitten. I, the gracious soul that I am, wanted the 8 year old cat I saw on the local Humane Society website because I know it’s harder for older cats to get adopted. He caved in a bit and started looking at slightly older cats.

My brother got T from a friend’s cat’s litter, so I’d never been to a Humane Society or shelter before. Now, I don’t want to say it was a bad experience, and maybe other anxious introverts find their shelters totally fine, but new, chaotic spaces make me start sweating, and I feel like I have to suppress a Tina Belcher-esque moan.

Some cats were allowed to roam in certain rooms; some were caged. If you were interested in one, you’re to take their paperwork (attached to their cage) to the front desk and wait for someone to call you to a room where you could interact with the animal. Our wait was probably about 30 minutes.

There was a room for the kittens but it was being broadcast on the Internet, and one of the cats in another room yelled at me for petting her back, and I just started questioning my whole existence like omg, I don’t like dogs, I’ve been a cat person my entire life, if they don’t like me what is the point who am I?

I don’t know how you’re supposed to tell if you want a cat or not from 5 minutes or however long you’re supposed to interact with them. What happens if you can’t tell? Do you just keep trying them all? I would feel really bad about people taking the cats in and out not to mention the cats. So I suppose it’s for the best that my dad accepted Charlie in 5 minutes.

I’m not sure if my dad asked about shots or “anything else,” but it seemed so… shady that the person said they’d discuss it after you accept and they do the paperwork or whatever. I know we all would like to spare no expense for our furbabies, but what would be the point of keeping that from someone who honestly couldn’t afford an extra expense? In any case, the adoption fee was actually lower than on the website because Charlie was a little older and they even gave us 2 tickets to a local theme park.


I was so unsure about Charlie. A brown cat? I immediately texted my brother and told him that Dad’s cat was ugly! But as soon as we got home, he sprawled out and started reaching for our feet and purred about everything! He is so energetic and chatty. I’m so glad that he seems to love his new home.

Hopefully my own personal uncomfortableness doesn’t dissuade you from shelters since they help so many animals. Additionally, shelter pets may already be fixed, trained, and have their vaccinations (I don’t know if it’s policy). I love Charlie and love that we got him.

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, check out The Humane Society and The Shelter Pet Project. BTW- did you know that Keyboard Cat was adopted from a shelter? 😸


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