DIY Pet Toys

paper roll toy

Back in August, we adopted a cat named Charlie from our local Humane Society. I’ve a post lined up about it, but since I made him these little toys for Christmas, I thought I’d share these first.

The first one is pretty simple. Just take a pipe cleaner or two and fold in the ends so that nobody pokes themselves.

Pipe cleaner toy

I still keep an eye on the kitties playing with these just to make sure they don’t eat it. This is in a snake or s-shape, but you might have better luck with a spring shape. If you don’t, I feel that the paper roll soccer ball has a much higher success rate!

paper roll

First, cut up a paper towel roll into a couple of rings depending on how many balls you want to make. I usually use 3 per ball.

paper roll toy

Stick the rings through each other to form a ball and glue together.

And that’s it! My mom also got a little kitten from a friend, and my brother got them a cute cat tree for Christmas. However, Simba hasn’t used it yet! So here are some options if you don’t want to spend much on something that might not get used! Simba has a lot of energy and loves chasing things around. I don’t know if other small pets like these, but I’d love to know!

❤ Steph


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