Red Panda Network

Today is International Red Panda Day! Its National Sister's Day here in the USA! Tag your #sisters or best friends to share this adorable red panda photo with them to brighten their day. #redpanda #redpandanetwork #sistersday #ūüĎ≠ A post shared by Red Panda Network (@redpandanetwork) on Aug 7, 2016 at 7:20am PDT Like their larger white counterparts, these little creatures live on a lot of … Continue reading Red Panda Network


My heritage has always been important to me and while it can be incredibly generalizing to paint all of the Philippines as “poor” that is just personally from where my family comes. Certain images and¬†traits like charity have been seared into my personality, but¬†donations can be problematic (e.g., corrupt organizations). That’s why I’m interested in brands that either feature local artisans and/or further teach those … Continue reading Rags2Riches

Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Hi readers, today I’ll be answering some questions from another Sunshine Blogger Award posed by the lovely Maha of Funhouse Vision. She’s written about beauty and skincare items as well as cool¬†restaurants¬†and events she’s attended. Thanks for the nomination! Sunshine Blogger Rules: Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. Answer the eleven questions sent by the … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award #2


What I Learned: Weddings Edition

I’ve been blogging about my brother’s wedding this summer, and if you’ve been following me this whole time, I’ll try to make this the last post about it! It’s just that there’s a few reasons I’ve been enthralled: I’ve never been to a wedding, I’ve never been involved, it’s for someone with whom I’m quite close, and I’ve never been that interested in them before, … Continue reading What I Learned: Weddings Edition

Don’t Forget About Flint

In early¬†2014, city officials of Flint, Michigan switched the city’s water supply to the Flint River in effort to save money. Soon afterwards residents voiced concerns about the quality of the water of which photos have gone viral¬†and in which bacteria and possible carcinogens¬†have been found. Just heard one of the toughest stories I've heard in my life. Nakeyja, a resident of Flint, showed me … Continue reading Don’t Forget About Flint