Ocean bay

Favorite Geocaching Locations

Long before Pokemon Go got me outside on my phone, geocaching got me exploring and searching for hidden gems in my own backyard. If you haven’t heard of geocaching, check out this post I wrote for For Vanity’s Sake last year. Basically, players hide “caches” and post GPS coordinates for others to find. Geocaches can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and hiding difficulty. Some are … Continue reading Favorite Geocaching Locations

Party balloon

Of Dogs & Dongs

No update of late because I have been busy! As I’ve previously said, my brother is getting married, and my body was pushed into being a bridesmaid, so I attended– for the first time in life– a bachelorette party. I’ve also been watching my friend’s two dogs while she was out of the country. Have I mentioned I’ve never taken care of dogs before? The … Continue reading Of Dogs & Dongs