Sweet Progress Box Swap!

  Earlier this month I signed up for Ashley and Dean‘s Sweet Progress Summer Box Swap. I’ve never participated in a swap before but felt comfortable enough with this blog to start. I must have imagined something about YouTube in their posts because I decided to make an unboxing video since I haven’t made a video before either. To be honest, I’m very nervous about it? But frick it, … Continue reading Sweet Progress Box Swap!

Alton & Philando

Earlier this week, two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were shot and killed by police not days apart. Graphic video of their murders have fueled national outcry and protest. Video of Sterling shows police holding him on the ground while Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds broadcast their experience (which included their 4 year old daughter in the back seat) to Facebook. Although I wish there wasn’t a reason … Continue reading Alton & Philando