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Incarcerated Illinois

The holidays are upon us which means for some of us– myself included– will be complaining about incoming in-laws or other unsavory relations. While some complaints may be valid and not to be patronizing, but perhaps we can deal by considering people who will have to go through a little more to see their families.

I just happen to see @prisonculture‘s tweets sharing groups’ Amazon wish lists for incarcerated children and youth in Illinois. I highly recommend checking out their blog as well as supporting the freeing of Bresha Meadows, referenced in their screenname.

I sent a copy of The Hunger Games to Books Through Bars. It’s quite inspiring to see multiple opportunities in one city when I know how fricked up in the system is in my state and don’t see as many groups. I think I’ll be contacting some local groups with similar interests. Additionally, there is a #FreeBreshaNow online art exhibition today!

Supporting prisoners can uplift a much forgotten and disenfranchised population. And as with giving elsewhere, you can feel proud too. If you can deal with that cousin or sibling’s significant other’s parent, maybe you can bring them into helping, a deterrence perhaps from the usual battles. Hopefully, some common ground can be found– whether it’s abolishing solitary confinement or minimum sentencing or restoring voting rights– and you can work on it together!

❤ Steph

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