Greater Good Gifts

Have you heard of Greater Good? They have a network of websites where you can click on a banner that helps generate ad money which goes towards charities dealing with hunger,  breast cancer and more. There’s also a plethora of other information like petitions, videos, and news.

Throughout their websites is their Gifts That Give More shop that includes donations starting at $0.77! Gifts sound like something you give to others, but with clothing, jewelry, and home goods, you just might have to get yourself a little something. On the plus side, you are giving to others since these physical purchases help fund the aforementioned issues. Might I recommend the following…?

Foil in Love Bracelet

foil in love bracelet

These bracelets are made by disadvantaged women in India, allowing them a sustainable livelihood. Supplier Toucan Krafe provides schooling and health care.

Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag

I love these woven cosmetic bags. These are made by at-risk women who learn skills training in Nepal.

Tagua Earrings

Magdalena Faceted Tagua Earrings

These earrings are made with brass and the tagua nut that fall from the palm trees that line the Magdalena River. Saphia works with low-income women artisans to recycle natural materials.

Awareness Ornament

hiv aids ornaments

Perfect for the holidays, these woven ornaments are made from dried grass by Rwandan women and feature HIV/AIDS awareness ribbons to support the people living with the disease and the hope for cure.

Frenchie Notebook

dog notebook

How cute is this? I didn’t see any supplemental information for this journal, but if you purchase through the Greater Good’s Animals shop, the value of 14 bowls of food will be given to the Humane Society and other shelters (when you buy through the Diabetes site, for example, it raises funds for research).

Excluding a very reasonable shipping price, all of these are under $10! I think that the next time I’m stumped for gifts, I’ll start by looking here. The $1 or $5 donation can also make a neat gift for someone a distance away or stocking stuffer.

Ok, I gotta stop looking at this site before I buy this $26 cat print bed sheet.

Had you heard of Greater Good’s click to give? Did you see anything in their shop?

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