Fall Tag!

Fall MakeupIt finally feels like fall! What better to do than a post about the season? I was tagged by the coolio Tigritsa.

What is your favourite Fall colour?

Probably burgundy. I love olives and I like the combining them with khakis, but I don’t really like wearing beige colors too much.

What is your favourite Fall lip product?

From my own collection, Wet ‘n Wild’s Mocha-licious and Clinique’s Plum are good fall colors. Coincidentally, today I’m going to go pick up Wet ‘n Wild’s Vamp It Up to try out a spooky black lip.

What is your favourite Fall accessory? 

BOOTS. I used to think wearing boots and scarves in Florida was silly? But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love heeled and moto ones and think they’re an easy way to add style to your outfit.

What is your favourite Fall nail polish? 

Again just from my own nail stuff drawer, e.l.f’s High Tide is such a pretty blue-forest green perfect for the season. And I’ll include Color Club’s Gold Struck because it reminds me of Tigritsa’s pick. If you like or want browns or almond color, I recommend e.l.f.’s Smokey Brown and Covergirl’s Always Naked.

lipstick swatches

What is your favourite Fall fashion?

I can’t go thrifting because the only section I find anything in is sweaters! I’m still trying to nail it, but I love the whole boots-tights-skirt-cardigan thing.

What is your favourite Fall Starbucks drink?

I never go to Starbucks, haha. Maybe once every couple of years. It’s so excessive! Maybe I will learn how to make a PSL myself and share it with you guys.

What is your favourite thing about Fall? 

Omg, not melting into a pool of sweat.

What are you being for Halloween? 

A person… with no Halloween plans… 😀

What is your favourite fall hairstyle?

I really tried to Google fall hairstyles, but I think the side braid is a classic match for fall sweaters and dresses.

cardigan braid look

What about you? If you have Vamp It Up or want to do this meme, let me know! Link your review or Insta post. If you want to do this post, I’ll tag you.


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