Sacred Stone Camp

Defend the Sacred
Dallas Goldtooth

In April, indigenous activists began protesting construction of the Dakota Access pipeline which stands to contaminate the Missouri River, a water source for thousands of Standing Rock Sioux and millions downstream.

In September, more than 100 tribes unified in historic gatherings, and protectors were attacked with pepper spray and dogs while trying to defend a tribal burial site being bulldozed by the pipeline company. President Obama has since paused DAPL, but the government had previously approved two other pipelines owned by the same company in May.

Shailene Woodley was arrested Monday while protesting, and I’ve even heard that she paid bail for other protesters. Like: holy shit! That’s how you step up and be an ally. Not by wearing headdresses at Coachella or wearing caricatures on Halloween.

You can support people having basic needs through these links

Election day is coming up here in the states, so be sure to hold elected officials accountable!

❤ Steph


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