Fall Makeup

Fall Tag!

It finally feels like fall! What better to do than a post about the season? I was tagged by the coolio Tigritsa. What is your favourite Fall colour? Probably burgundy. I love olives and I like the combining them with khakis, but I don’t really like wearing beige colors too much. What is your favourite Fall lip product? From my own collection, Wet ‘n Wild’s Mocha-licious and Clinique’s Plum are … Continue reading Fall Tag!

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Beauty Bakerie

Have you heard of Beauty Bakerie? Perhaps you have seen their AMAZING Lip Whips on social media. #WhatSmudge!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BLZggg9hxRS/ View this post on Instagram Look at these beautiful warm tones! THIS is what goes on inside of our HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER Hot Cocoa Set! It is a limited edition set that we curated for our Sweets who welcome the fall and all it brings: family, … Continue reading Beauty Bakerie

Defend the Sacred

Sacred Stone Camp

In April, indigenous activists began protesting construction of the Dakota Access pipeline which stands to contaminate the Missouri River, a water source for thousands of Standing Rock Sioux and millions downstream. In September, more than 100 tribes unified in historic gatherings, and protectors were attacked with pepper spray and dogs while trying to defend a tribal burial site being bulldozed by the pipeline company. President Obama has since paused DAPL, but … Continue reading Sacred Stone Camp

Fall Outfit

Fall Chill

It’s technically fall here in Florida which honestly means hurricane season. I hope everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew is staying safe. Besides freaking forces of nature, we’ve been very unpredictable. It can be cool in the morning but then sizzling or raining in the afternoon 😒  The equinox has passed, so I’m going to wear booties, damn it! I think I’m always going to associate fall with going … Continue reading Fall Chill

The Movie I’ve Watched Most

I don’t really have favorites. Favorite food, favorite color… I feel like they’re supposed to be representative of you, and I’m just too multifaceted and evolving. However, I will say that the movie that I’ve watched the most– and would be my favorite if I had them at the present– is The Social Network.  When it first announced, I was probably someone who groaned and wrote … Continue reading The Movie I’ve Watched Most