Tuesday Tuneage: The Apology Song

I just watched The Book of Life, and it’s probably the best film I’ve seen in awhile. The animation is so interesting and unique which is how I’d also describe the story. I may have expected a silly kids movie, but I laughed at Gabriel Iglesias’s mariachi character, gasped along with the children being told the story, and wept for Manolo. Anything about Manolo in particular? NO JUST MANOLO IN … Continue reading Tuesday Tuneage: The Apology Song

Patchology FlashMasque

Hello readers, who doesn’t love free samples? They may not give a complete picture of longer use of a product, but I think they can definitely get that product in my mind and be a potential buy the next time I’m in the market. I was able to try a free sample sheet of Patchology’s Hydrate FlashMasque. Their website and packaging reinforces the moisturizing idea also claiming … Continue reading Patchology FlashMasque