Red Panda Network

Today is International Red Panda Day!


Like their larger white counterparts, these little creatures live on a lot of bamboo. They might bear some resemblance to racoons and don’t get much bigger than house cats, but they are native to the forests of Nepal, the Himalayas, and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, due to climate change, human poaching and habitat encroachment, and other factors, they are endangered. The Red Panda Network hopes to reverse this through research, education, and conservation.

You can totally help the Red Panda Network in all sorts of ways from the usual donation and symbolic adoption, but their website also provides tons of information like if a nearby zoo has red pandas or how to trek to see them first hand.

As much as I would love to donate $100 for a plush panda thank you gift, I would love to have $100. Good thing that is offering free credit! If you sign up through my referral link, we’ll both receive a $5 GoodWorld credit to donate to Red Panda Network! Then you can refer your friends and then you’ll both get another $5 each.

GoodWorld automatically donates however much you specify to your choice of groups when you use hashtags on Twitter or Facebook. TBH, I am not sure if you would be able to change organizations with your referral credits. Also, it looks like you do need a Facebook or Twitter account and a credit card to sign up.



OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THEIR CUTE LITTLE WEIRD CATBEARFOXPANDA FACES! We should just give them all the things. Why aren’t we showering them in affection? Give it to them!

Red Panda Network
GoodWorld (referral)

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