What I Learned: Weddings Edition


I’ve been blogging about my brother’s wedding this summer, and if you’ve been following me this whole time, I’ll try to make this the last post about it! It’s just that there’s a few reasons I’ve been enthralled: I’ve never been to a wedding, I’ve never been involved, it’s for someone with whom I’m quite close, and I’ve never been that interested in them before, so I just don’t know what happens.

Little did I know that perhaps it’s better to keep my distance! While I was very honored to be a bridesmaid, I was also very last minute; maybe if I were for one of my longtime friends, I’d be doing more planning and calling and arranging which sounds very panic-inducing, but I guess it could also be fun.


Oddly, one thing I didn’t count on was petty family members. Yes, if this were a movie, maybe it’d be cute or funny, but honestly, it’s downright juvenile and pathetic. We were on a schedule and didn’t have time to baby certain people on whether they want to be part of the ceremony or not. It is a privilege to be part of things, so if you want it, you better fucking hop on and either help out or shut the fuck up because it’s not about you. We all have a million things happening and to do unhelpful people are not a priority!

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that I don’t get “in-laws.” It seems weird to call someone “my brother’s wife.” Also, I went to school with her sister, so I feel like we might as well be, right?

Also I shouldn’t even have to say this, but don’t bring up people being unemployed or single. Don’t be that guy. Everyone hates you.



Obviously I knew of bridal showers and bachelorette parties, but I didn’t realize, “Oh, you have to do all of these things because of and in addition to the wedding.” Yep, showers are for literally showering the bride with gifts. The bride’s friends set some very neat and cute games and activities during these gatherings like attaching Polaroids to stationary to write well wishes and advice.

Our bridesmaids went to try on dresses after the shower. The next function was the bachelorette party. One thing I learned was that it costs money to do these things! Then was the rehearsal where we paired up with the groomsmen and practiced walking down the aisle and where to stand. Afterwards, we had a big dinner. There I learned that the bridesmaids had to come in early the next day of the big event to help set up.

Idk if everyone does this, but our bride gave us little bridesmaids gifts ^_^

Pictures & Ceremony

We had a very nice professional photographer, who also helped with the wedding? Haha. She was helping curl hair since we were running late. So, after the “I do’s,” everyone goes to get drinks while the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen go to take pictures. We went across the street, and I ended up getting a hole at the bottom of my dress 😦

Also, the pictures won’t be ready for three weeks! So, take your own if you want, just don’t be obnoxious about it. Like: I’d say don’t take them during the actual ceremony.

Although I felt forced into being in this situation and at times even almost overwhelmed (did I tell yall I was also dog sitting and taking care of the usual cat in there), it was a very beautiful experience of which I’m so happy to be a part. I only wish I could’ve helped more and continue to be a part of the newlyweds lives since they’re moving across the country 😦

Hopefully, since I’m writing this, it’ll serve as a reminder to that.

Wedding Jewelry
All pictures by Aggie Photography

I feel like I could’ve included that I learned to accept alcohol! What did you learn from your first wedding?

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❤ Steph

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