Favorite Geocaching Locations

Long before Pokemon Go got me outside on my phone, geocaching got me exploring and searching for hidden gems in my own backyard. If you haven’t heard of geocaching, check out this post I wrote for For Vanity’s Sake last year. Basically, players hide “caches” and post GPS coordinates for others to find.

Geocaches can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and hiding difficulty. Some are easy to spot, some may require a tool like a magnet to uncover, and some are puzzles! They’re also not just hidden in remote locations, but to be honest, I prefer getting out in nature as well as places I didn’t know about.

In honor of this year’s International Geocaching Day,  I wanted to share some sights and areas I’ve been able to explore while searching for the little hidden treasures.

Ocean bay

Alligator sign

Sunset Heart

Photo courtesy of FVS



Even though I started playing a couple of years ago, I by no means feel experienced. I would love to travel somewhere and geocache and see your hidden or weird locations. I believe it’s a worldwide activity (although how many are near you can depend– and I feel your pain if there aren’t many), so go to Geocaching.com and see what you can find!

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14 thoughts on “Favorite Geocaching Locations

  1. The first time I’ve read about geocaching, I want to try it. I was just disappointed to learn that it’s not a thing in the Philippines.

  2. OMG! I’ve been dying to try geocaching, I wonder if it’s also a thing in NYC? That’s where I live!

        1. You can use their website to get an idea of where they are, but if you want to play, you should get an app. I use c:geo but there’s also a free official Geocaching one. They (c:geo at least) can narrow it down to a couple of feet, and if you’re lucky, people leave clues, hints or pictures 🙂

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