Summer Wish List

Hello readers! Just wanted to update my #wishlist and share what I’ve been coveting before I actually go out and actually buy it all!

Calvin Klein Sandal
Calvin Klein ‘Cimi’ Block Heel Sandal

I can’t tell if it’s me or bloggers making them look good, but I really want a pair of these weird blocky heel sandals. They come in all shapes and sizes, so I’m trying to narrow them down to something very specific since I feel like I’m buying trendy. I’m leaning toward black, higher heels with wider straps.

Brown Fringe Bucket
Elizabeth and James Fringe Crossbody Bag

Fringe has been back in style for a while. And again, I feel like I’m going with the flow because I thought I didn’t like fringe! I already bought something from eBay, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan anime

Violent films about man-eating monsters are totally appropriate wedding gifts, right? My brother and I were fans of the Attack on Titan anime, but I spaced on the live-action film being released in the U.S. Matching towel sets are nice, but I’m sure the newlyweds will appreciate something different… right? 😛

Sephora Spray
Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set & Refresh

Ok, so I have to admit that I had a bad experience with my first setting spray. It was e.l.f.’s, and although it was a while ago, so I’d be willing to retry because I might not remember how it actually works, they might have a new formula, etc., I do remember the smell. And I wouldn’t retry it because of that. But because of Florida’s horrid humidity and your guys’s posts– like Leah’s and Abigail’s— I’m looking at sprays again.

WWF Shark Plush
WWF’s Adopt a Shark

It’s Shark Week!!!!!!!! I’ve always loved sea life maybe because I basically live on the water myself. While it’s understandable to be scared of those teeth, humans pose a much greater threat to them than vice versa! Check out these comparisons from the University of Florida. Some aquariums and charities offer symbolic adoptions of a shark that will help go to research and conservation.

If only there was a summer Santa! I don’t know if I’ll get around to my whole list, but hopefully I’ll at least be able to hit the beach this season.

What are you looking toward this summer?

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10 thoughts on “Summer Wish List

  1. Hahahaha. How about a pair of towels AND also something from Shingeki? xD Maybe your brother would appreciate the gesture of being reminded of something you both like? 😀

  2. Bonsoir ou bonjour
    Toi mon amie ou mon ami
    Tu remplis mes jours de joie
    Le matin à mon réveil , tu seras présent au cours de ma journée
    Belle Amitié entre nous , tu ouvres mon cœur
    Tu me donnes ce que j’ai envie par tes petits messages
    Des fois je souries quand je suis mélancolique
    Bises passe une belle journée ou soirée

    Profite de la semaine à venir

  3. I’m with you, I thought I didn’t like fringe either…. but lately I’m kind of liking it. I promise I’m not trying to be a Cheerio. 🙂

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