Look What I Won!

Comedy Central Loot

Hello readers! I’m so excited because I won some amazing goodies from Comedy Central! The channel home to classic funny shows like The Daily Show and Chappelle’s Show has an online panel that asks what members think about those programs.

It’s all pretty tailored, that is, they ask about certain shows at certain times, so it’s not paid like other panels. But I watch a lot of the channel, so I thought it’d be fun and an entry into a loot contest enough of reward.

I appreciate that they asked what programs I like before sending my package. While I was hoping to score a sweet @Midnight “Points!” shirt, I really love the Drunk History merch I received. I mean, this flask set is beautiful? LOL. I drink once in blue moon, but I want to like, put this on my mantel. Ha ha ha.

I also got a Drunk History mason jar (which reads: “Screw this, I need a drink”) and drink coozy.

Phone Charger

With The Daily Show themed stuff, I received a mug, and this portable charger. I suppose it’s useful, but it seems like another step that I’d forget about. My dad also watches these programs, so I was thinking about giving him something for Father’s Day, but he doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee. I guess you can put a soda in a coozy…


With general Comedy Central branded items, I received a hat and this very nice umbrella which is sure to be useful during our unpredictable Florida summer rains.

As you can see, I’m very pleased and even impressed with this reward. I don’t think I was expecting 7 full sized items much less something as nice as the flask set! But I totally understand if this is me nerding out over something you don’t watch or receive.

If you are interested in sharing your opinion on your favorite CC shows, you can apply for their panel at Comedy Central Crew.

Thanks for reading!

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