1 Hour Bridesmaid

Have you ever been part of a wedding? I haven’t. Not to be all ~cool girl~ but when I was a kid, I felt like anything ultra feminine e.g., wedding planning, was made out to be vapid, so I had to be the antithesis of that. In any case, I never had any family around, I only have a few close friends, and the one that’s married just got the license downtown.

So I have no idea what goes into them or what happens. I guess it depends, but it still seems like a lot! I think my friend had the right idea.


So I feel bad that my brother is getting married in a few months, and I’m just now realizing this stuff in waves. His fiancee’s bridal shower was this weekend which I didn’t even know about because my dad tossed the invite. OK THANKS. Yet our parents want to complain about not being involved ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Our parents aren’t paying for anything, yet they’ve been meddling in this for a year. It’d be cute if it weren’t so embarrassing. Like at the end of the shower, I see my mom talking to the bride-to-be, and suddenly I’m a bridesmaid. It’s not like I felt like I should be one, but now I feel bad because I feel like I pushed my way in. On the other hand, I kind of agree that our family should be involved? And they said they had an extra groom… I think my friend had the right idea. Lol.

Oh, so, also apparently the real bridesmaids- heh- had a dress fitting right after the party, so my bro is messaging, “WTF” while my mom is driving in the rain. Anyway can we talk about things a little more fun now?

Bridesmaid dress

Personally, I love the gray dress I tried on that was similar to this one. Since we were trying to match a theme or motif, we were just seeing the styles of dresses rather than color.

Bridesmaid Dress

This is what I believe we’ll be wearing. Amidst all the hullabaloo and there not being mirrors in the changing rooms, I forgot to take pictures! But walking out into a room of mirrors with strangers zipping and clipping you up and taking your measurements, for expensive dress!! I can see why women want to diet around a wedding. I definitely want to start running again, but I’m also eating a packet of crackers right now (3am).


Television: Roots (2016)

I know the original miniseries was supposed to be huge, and I love LeVar Burton, but I’d chicken out about watching it on my own. That’s why I’m glad this new adaptation came out and was pretty easily accessible, so I didn’t have an excuse. Now I’m actually really interested in reading the book. The History Channel is also having a sweepstakes where you can win a DNA kit and even win a trip to a place in your ancestry!


I read The Price of Salt a couple of years ago when I heard it was being made into the film and thought Cate Blanchett was a perfect cast. I actually wanted to do a vintage hairstyle to the shower but just ended up looking like Sarah Manning.

BookIndio Bravo

Yesterday was Philippine Independence Day, and I’ve been reading about national hero Jose Rizal. I knew he wrote, but apparently, he did everything else! He also spoke like 15 languages. He also seems very chill. I thought he was a building-burning revolutionary, but perhaps that is Aguinaldo. I think is a children’s book, so it is a nice introduction to the man, but I would to read more about him, his actual works, and the time period in general.

Thanks for reading!

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